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Black Rock Beach

Kaanapali, HI 96761

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On the West side of Maui, Black Rock is a geographic location that divides Ka`anapali beach in half. Also known as Pu`u Keka`a this is a large lava rock wh

Black Rock Beach Reviews Around the Web

  • Texas Boiii · November 07, 2018

    It’s a beautiful beach in front of the Sheraton. Lots of fish, calm water, and of course people jumping in the water from the cliff. This is all at your own risk but there are many people there but no lifeguard. Be safe! There are also some sea turtles swimming here. There is maybe 10-20 free parking spots in the garage.

  • Craig Wilson · October 17, 2018

    We're staying at the Marriott Ocean Club and it's about a 15 min walk up the board walk. What a terrific beach! It's October so it's not a very crowded time of the year but there were plenty of people at Black Rock. I can only imagine how crowded it gets during prime time. The waters are pretty calm along the rocks edge allowing for easy snorkeling. It's extremely easy to enter and exit the water here. There is so much traffic in the water year around its really not that great of a place to snorkel. Not much to see. There were a couple of very friendly turtles enjoying the attention (very important to not touch any marine life it's against the law) but other than that not much going on. There are lots of people jumping from the rocks including my kids. It's not to difficult to get to the top but there definitely is the possibility of hurting one's self by slipping and cutting yourself on the rocks. Everyone was swimming to point and climbing from the water. Definitely doable for most, plenty of fat middle aged men doing it.

  • Hayley Rohde · October 28, 2018

    Good swimming and fun to jump from black rock! Super hard to find parking... we ended up parking by the Hyatt and walking a mile, one way. It is hard, and you have to ignore signs to tell you to not pass, to get to the rock to jump. It is sharp lava rock and will hurt sensitive bare feet. It is also a ridge and so you need to be very careful! But once to the jumping rock, you have a choice of the tall one that is about 25 feet, give or take, and a lower one that might be 15 feet, give or take. Once in the water, there was a slight current that seemed to keep you out there, but the ocean was pleasant and calm. With overhead stroke swimming, it was easy enough to swim back to shore. And here were a ton of people swimming and snorkeling. As you can see in the picture, TONS of people were jumping.

  • Jonathan Brunson · October 28, 2018

    My favorites beach ever! Super for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach gets it's name from the big black rock that the locals and those brave enough dive from. Water is pretty clear, not crystal but the best I've seen in person. Ill be back when ever in in town

  • Ken Coulter · October 13, 2018

    Outstanding beach for families, wind surfing, body boarding, and snorkeling around Black Rock. Tons of fish, turtles, and a decent amount of coral. Bring your own snorkeling gear! If you wait til sunset, there is a torch lighting ceremony that is fun to watch. Complete the experience by jumping off of Black Rock!

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