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Halfway to Hana

13710 Hana Hwy, Haiku, HI 96708

(808) 248-7037

08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
08:30 am - 4:00pm
* All Times in HST
Hana Maui. Halfway to Hana, is the perfect stop on the road to Hana, Maui. We serve refreshments, Maui's Best Banana bread, Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, and a variety of snacks and fresh fruit grown in Hana. Don't drive to Hana without stopping Half Way!

Halfway to Hana Reviews Around the Web

  • Jason Fowler · January 03, 2019

    Good iced coffee at a great price. Also had a tasty pineapple smoothie. Nice midway stop to Hana.

  • Veena Reddy · September 04, 2018

    One of the best banana breads we ever had! Was warm when we arrived. $6 for one bread and Good quantity to share for 2 people. Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside!
    P.S.: we got busy in eating and forgot to take a picture earlier

  • Kenneth Cornelius · November 18, 2018

    I'm not sure I saw anything great here. Picked up some snacks. Good place to stretch. But keep going for better food

  • melissa wiles · December 19, 2018

    Best ice cream. Ginger macadamia nut over banana bread. Must stop! Small treat on your way to a beautiful place.

  • Dennis Wai · September 07, 2018

    A nice halfway point to take a break and use the bathroom (it's cleaner than the ones available in spots earlier on in Road to Hana). This place might have been the birthplace of the original banana bread, but even though it was piping hot and fresh, there wasn't any real reason why this banana bread is much better than others. I also got the shaved ice and I would recommend the lilikoi and tiger's blood as your flavors!

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