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Leleiwi Overlook

Leleiwi Overlook Trail, Kula, HI 96790


Leleiwi Overlook Reviews Around the Web

  • saranya krishnan · September 07, 2018

    Short hike to one of the best views of Haleakala crater and valley in Maui. The sweeping red sand/soil views of the base are incredible. We sat there for sometime, seeing the clouds cover the valley and clear up multiple times. It is worth the stop and the hike to go to this overlook.

  • Gayouf · November 13, 2018

    Definitely worth a stop and a small walk. Careful because at this height, it'd difficult to breathe.

  • Vladimir Mikhailov · November 22, 2018

    Short trail let you see Maui older vulcano and the valley (if clouds do not obstract the view) and ends with overlook of Haleakala ctater from high point. View is under the angle not available at higher located trails, so it worth the stop.

  • Nalani Wacker · August 14, 2018

    With right sunlight from behind you and clouds just in front of you you can see a spectrum (whole circle rainbow) and maybe even your shadow in it with an awesome view into the crater.

  • Yan Meng · November 29, 2018

    If you’ve already been to Kalahaku overlook, this overlook just offers a similar view but at a lower elevation.