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Maui Snorkel Charters

3261 Mapu Dr, Kihei, HI 96753

(808) 270-8776

Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and discover Maui's best snorkeling tour to Molokini Crater.

Maui Snorkel Charters Reviews Around the Web

  • Christine Li · April 18, 2017

    Maui Snorkel Charters has everything you need. Coffee or tea in the morning, lunch, ginger chews for nausea, wetsuit, snorkel mask (they even have prescripted ones), friendly and knowledgeable instructors (so helpful when I got scared on my first dive), and even whale watching (my companion mentioned that he saw more whales here than in the Dominican Republic where he took a whale watching boat). You can hear those humpback whales, too.

    Their boat design was nice. Floats on top of the seats provided us with a shade while sealed space under each seat provided storage for each person. There are four spots you can snorkel at but we didn't get to do one of them due to water conditions.

  • John Poston · September 07, 2017

    Best boat people on island.

  • Gus Janeway · January 04, 2015

    Captain Joe and his crew took our family out to Molokini two years ago and we immediately booked another day with them on that same vacation. Once you've had the best day ever, why not repeat? Now that we are headed back to Maui this is the one thing we absolutely must do again. And again. Because, of course, we're already planning for two trips for this next vacation. In an island of kind, generous, friendly folk, this little outfit sets the standard.

  • fidel ortiz · January 14, 2014

    Mucho aloha

  • Annemie Willemen · October 30, 2016

  • Joe A. · August 04, 2017

    Maui Snorkel Tours is hands down the best snorkeling tour I've ever been a part of. It's evident from the minute you arrive that this family-owned business...

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