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Sunshine Helicopters offer Helicopter Tours of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

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  • Ken W · January 31, 2018

    It was not a bad trip. However, it was also not a good trip. Please be aware there are "First Class" seats which you pay extra money for that have the better view. More importantly, although it is unofficial, there are also "Second Class" and "Third Class" seats. Because the helicopter tour goes counterclockwise around the island, the seats behind the pilot have an inferior view of Haleakala crater and the road to Hana. There is also a window frame on the pilot's side only which blocks good camera shots from behind the pilot. I think we would have been much happier had we been in the "Second Class" seats.

    Despite that, the trip was not a total failure. The pilot's (Matt) attempt to turn us around a few times so that we also had a good view was very appreciated.

    Overall, from a price to value perspective, the helicopter ride was pretty expensive for not as much fun compared to other activities.

  • Kerry Levin · April 18, 2018

    Headphones didn't work very well and we were on the ocean side so had to wait for the bird to turn to see most of the sites. Pilot did a good job

  • A Wadum · February 03, 2018

    This is not inexpensive- but it’s the best view of the islands and only way to see some of the island sites like the 1,000 foot waterfall.

    Placement of individuals in the helicopter goes loosely by weight and how much you pay. For example. If you want to upgrade to the only 2 front seats it will cost you in addition to the cost of your ticket. And that is only an option if someone else has not already purchased the front seats. At the writing of this review the upgrade was $50 per seat.

    The pilot and ground crew were very friendly and safety conscious. We felt safe at all times during the flight. Light music played in the headsets throughout the trip. They said you could talk to each other and be heard in the headsets, but I never heard my husband or myself talking, only the pilot.

    Our pilot explained where we were and what we were seeing throughout the trip. But it did not distract from the pilots conversation.

    For our specific trip, he pointed out a Mama whale with calf clearly seen in the waters below us. He also pointed out wild goats on the mountain side and , turtles and manta rays in the reef.

    They tell you to wear black clothing so your outfit won’t reflect on the glass, and your pictures will turn out better. However my camera did have difficulty focusing sometimes when I was trying to capture a moment. It did get frustrating. For example, I never got a good photo of the mama whale with her calf. It was hard to see my screen in the bright light, and the cameras focus was frequently fooled by the reflection of the window.

    However, at the end of the trip you get the option to purchase a photo of you in front of the helicopter. And you can purchase a copy on a USB of the video and commentary of your specific trip for around $60. There was no pressure to purchase anything- it was simply made available.

    Overall, I recommend Sunshine Helicopter Tours, just know your option for upgrade of seats will cost you. And decide to either record what you are seeing... or just enjoy the ride and buy the video later.

  • Cheryl Schene · January 11, 2018

    Great!!!! Our pilot was very knowledgeable and very funny. We even got a very nice picture (we both look good) & CD of our flight.

  • Ryan J · September 29, 2017

    Such a great experience. We covered so much ground. The waterfalls alone made it worthwhile. Highly recommended.

  • Lyn C. · January 31, 2018

    My first time in a helicopter and was in awe of the beautiful views. We saw magnificent waterfalls, flew through valleys, over the water out towards...

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