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2800ft Maui Zipline Adventure

Posted May 19, 2016

New Vlog! - Piiholo Ranch Zipline

Had fun doing some crazy zips with friends at upcountry Maui's Piiholo Ranch Zipline​ ! Hope you guys enjoy the video : )
F : Aloha Stoked​ for more video's of things to do on Maui
Friends on the trek : Michael Lipp​ Larkin P. Goff​ and Brittney Moore​ Good times in the jungle!

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  • Thomas Gunn 9 months ago

    who made that same cook sample? if you don't mind telling me

  • Caden Livingston 1 year ago

    This is like an earrape

  • SomeUrbanNinja 1 year ago

    Crackly sound!!!

  • jylp4u 1 year ago

    Audio clipping? Otherwise a great video!

  • Just Tex 1 year ago

    Had a little bit of a casey feel with that music, audio was a little weird too ( crackly) still looked like fun though. Cheers

  • FIGJAM400 1 year ago

    Dude that was awesome! Mark got you good mate,i saw genuine fear there. That chameleons was cool as well.

  • KILLAHST8 1 year ago

    cracky audio MrPrince

  • Charlie Football 1 year ago

    We have this in South Africa :D it's called Canopy Tours

  • glen Decuir 1 year ago

    looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys !

  • OtisENGINEuity 1 year ago

    Hey you got it up...... lol That cracky audio though.
    There is not enough money is this or any other world to get me to do that... I don't fear heights but I fear falling... funny part is I wanted/want but can't be an US Army Sapper and get my jump wings... which I'd have to do that and much more... The things you'd bewilling to do for a little piece of metal on your chest... Scoliosis ruined that idea though.

    Hey Kalani you should do something you can take Yodi with you for.. It's a fact cute dogs equal more views and more fun.

  • TheHandiCaptain 1 year ago

    music distorts my headset so bad had to mute at 4 min and just watch.
    looks fun though

  • Michael Mendez 1 year ago

    Bravo sir Bravo!! 👏🏽👏🏽

  • William Zoom 1 year ago

    I seem to remember Mr Mike & you visiting there before :)

  • Trevor Dunaway 1 year ago

    really bad distortion coming from the music at the 4:17 mark

  • gncc1race 1 year ago

    Woohoo!! Been waiting for that one Brah, since the FB pictures! Awesome! Now I wanna go ziplining. Another great video KP! Thank you.

  • Tanner Hutto 1 year ago

    Need to have a ride day soon. Miss the old vlogs - tanner

  • Paige Sullivan 1 year ago

    duuuude. Friday the 13th was my birthday. :) Zip lining looks like so much funn. #goals

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