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Amazing Places on Maui - Wainapanapa

Posted April 05, 2016

There is a parrot on my head..
Hope you guys enjoy this little VLOG, showcasing Keanae, and Waiʻanapanapa!
Mahalo's for the likes and shares!

Address: Wainapanapa, HI
f: Aloha Stoked​ :
Brought to you in part by Blue Hawaiian Helicopters​ :

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  • Mr.awesome Awesome 1 day ago

    I like ur sunglasses dude

  • Gypsy Belle 1 month ago

    I love your work! Im going to go to all theses places! Thank you. Mahalo!

  • Gypsy Belle 1 month ago

    We are new to maui and i love finding out more of the local sights, as it were! Nice job!

  • Kayla Ann 4 months ago

    What was the music you used for the last flying camera shots? Just found your channel and I'm loving your vids :D

  • Joie Amper 5 months ago

    man i just like your sunglasses thats all hehe im gonna find one

  • Justin Schillinger 5 months ago

    Hey dude-love your vids! I've got 2 boys and they are defenseless against them:). Question--are you using a GoPro?  If so, which one? I'm inspired....

  • Samnang T 7 months ago

    I've been to that banana bread place too!! They also sell pineapple slices that are out of this world!! Best pineapples I ever tasted in my entire life!

  • Mimi Marley 8 months ago

    I'm going to hawaii for the first time in September and i wanted to do the road to hana... I was wondering if it was better to drive, or book a tour?? can you give me some advice please 😊

    Pat Eccleston 3 months ago

    Mimi Marley drive..don't do tours!!

    Dennis Farrell 2 weeks ago

    I drove. I downloaded an app called Shaka Maui, and it was great! Pointed out tons of stuff on the road to Hana, worked off of GPS (almost zero service on that trip), and even told Hawaiian history on the return trip to pass the time.

  • Sirch One 10 months ago

    So dope !

  • Helen Lemay 10 months ago

    wow the drone footage is amazing!! dreaming to be in hawaii right now

  • freddur 11 months ago

    Love your vids man.. You've got a new sub!!!

  • david welfare 11 months ago

    These vidoes are amazing! Keep it up! Can't wait to visit Maui!

  • Nerissa Thomas 11 months ago

    Great funny host lolz love the parrots..God bless yous

  • Daniel San 11 months ago

    Loved the part about the tree.. hahaha
    Man your cinema improved so much kalani !! Sure i miss the Athena videos.... But this stuff man... Ufff stunning brother :)

  • jylp4u 11 months ago

    Meanwhile in Detroit; We just got more snow lol. Thankfully, none of it is really sticking....

  • FPVHI Hawaii 11 months ago

    Hui braddah, it's Wai'anapanapa!

  • gncc1race 11 months ago

    Oh Brah! That's one of my most favorite areas on the planet... The views around Keanae... Kaumahina wayside, Honomanu... Ono for da eyes. That banana bread is Da Kine! Because of that place, people think banana bread is a Hawaii tradition. And it has become a Hawaii thing, sort of, because of Auntie Sandie's... Then Waianapanapa itself, especially the aerial work! Take my breath away! Be still my heart... Thank you Kalani, this was amazing!

  • Desiree Paahana 11 months ago

    you missed the Queen's cave pool!!!!! :((( fave place at wainapanapa. this is where I go for a relaxing vacation!

  • Desiree Paahana 11 months ago

    cabins too!

  • My Family Vlogs 11 months ago

    I'm in Maui now and definately going to check out some of the places you recommend. A week isn't long enough.

  • petro62 11 months ago

    Another great video with some gr at shots. Can't wait to visit Maui in a couple weeks. Keep the videos coming Kalani.

  • cash storeone 11 months ago

    And the plural of Mongoose is? I had a lot of fun asking the locals. Nobody knew for sure. Usually they would chuckle when I asked.

  • JessicaAloha TV 11 months ago

    I love the drone shots... so cool! It makes me want to purchase a drone. Haha. Great video as always. I miss Maui so much! :)

  • ImOn Whaley 11 months ago

    Who else is here just because Kalani content! Regardless if its this or his motorcycle stuff?! Keep doin what you do man!

  • Jawn Amigo 11 months ago

    Crazy drone shots. informative video.

  • OtisENGINEuity 11 months ago

    I need to stop watching these videos... making me miss Guam... and it's been....... 25 years since we lived there?

  • Andrew Fallon 11 months ago

    i need to move there :'(

    Samnang T 7 months ago

    Best place on earth!

  • Joseph Arreygue 11 months ago

    I gotta get me a drone.

  • poppess90 11 months ago

    10 min video ! epic. Thanks

  • brad b 11 months ago

    Love that beautiful drone footage sir : )

  • InsanicMironic 11 months ago

    Another awesome vid bruh

  • William Zoom 11 months ago

    So much cinema!

  • OoOitzkristan 11 months ago

    absolutely breathtaking drone footage. brings back so many wonderful memories. thanks for sharing!

    AccidentalBroadcast 11 months ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • x kraabel 11 months ago

    lol I can help you with the business cards if you want unless you do then yourself

  • Hayden Plummer 11 months ago

    First in ohio lol

  • MrDuhfactor 11 months ago

    First!!! Lol

    AccidentalBroadcast 11 months ago


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