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Aloha Aina - Love the land

Posted October 26, 2016

Aloha ʻĀina - Love the Land (Share this with someone who likes adventure)

The idea of "loving the land" is central to ancient Hawaiian thought and culture. Hope you guys enjoy the last video in the backside of Maui series : )
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  • Misael David 2 months ago

    what's the music title?

  • Motonosity 2 months ago

    Makes me miss our mini bike ride!

  • William Travis 3 months ago

    The beauty of Maui...great job Kalani!

  • InvalidAuthorization 3 months ago

    My only trip to Hawaii so far was to Maui. That was 5 years ago and there were hardly any videos like this back then. Definitely no drone footage. I ended up staying in Kihei and traveled the back and south side of maui, did the whole hana loop and had no idea what I was doing. Loved every minute of it. Maui no ka oi.

  • Judith Zwierzynski 4 months ago

    Next visit to Maui in 5 months exactly! Renting a Jeep for sure! This will be our 7th visit to Maui. You have opened up a whole new level of Maui to see. Thank you for your excellent videos! :) How do I get my hands on an Aloha Stoked T-shirt?

  • Max Austin 4 months ago

    Another awesome video sir!! Great job and keep these coming!

  • Melody Nova 4 months ago

    Wow! Amazing as always! :3

  • William Zoom 4 months ago

    How is the  BOOsted Board working out?

  • We Ride 4 months ago

    that's beautiful

  • Created From Above 4 months ago

    Another get job, be there in 178 days, hope we can make a video together.  Let me know what you think.

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