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Amazing Hikes on Maui - Halemauu Trail HALEAKALA

Posted August 11, 2016

Maui Hiking Trails : Welcome to the Halemau'u Trail at the 8000ft elevation mark on Mt.Haleakala

Things to bring :
-2 liters of water per person minimum
-Warm clothing
-Hiking Shoes
-Snacks, food, energy bars, etc..

The trail is pretty easy with a nice slow decent and sweeping switchbacks. The parking area is approx 14 miles up Highway 378 at around 8000ft. You will see signs for parking as you drive towards the summit. Keep an eye out for our state bird "nene goose" and enjoy the day! Mahalo for watching!
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  • Chris Nigul 3 weeks ago

    Did you hike all the way to the end, where Halemau'u meets Sliding Sands trail at Kaupo Gap? 

  • Miryam Hernandez 2 months ago

    How do I drive to the beginning

  • 0ktane 5 months ago

    Taking the soon to be Mrs. to Maui for our honeymoon at the end of June. Hoping to snag one of those bracelets. :)

  • William Travis 10 months ago

    Where are all of your Accidental Broadcast subscribers?...they should be subscribing to Aloha Stoked!

  • bryan wallace 1 year ago

    How far did you hike in before turning around?

  • iChingDaexplorer 1 year ago

    I wanna hike there so bad :-(

  • Samuel Poff 1 year ago

    4:10 All I can hear is my back yard... :(

  • Just Tex 1 year ago

    So..what happened when you got to the bottom? Did you have to walk back up?

    Comet1808 9 months ago

    That's correct. Much more difficult going back up! I have many years of this awesome trail!! Totally worth it.

  • OtisENGINEuity 1 year ago

    No Yodi :( Sebastion looks like he's straight out of Lords of Dogtown these days.
    Is it weird that I'd want to get to where you were talking about how quiet it was, and get a kid to start screaming and walk out?

  • Caroline Lebel 1 year ago

    We backpacked in yesterday and back out this morning! Didn't seen any Aloha Stocked bracelets :( Keep on posting! Love from Canada

  • Ginny Flury 1 year ago

    Wonderful... Will do this. I want an aloha stoked wrist band. Don't think the ones you left will be there next year.

  • Paige Sullivan 1 year ago

    I'm always in awe over how beautiful the island of Maui is. New York sucks. lol. How can I get an Alohastoked bracelet?! 😍

  • BoogieDownProduction 1 year ago

    Where is yodi?????

  • INAMIVS 1 year ago

    fighter jet geese...check

  • BobbyHampton 1 year ago

    Marketing director, check

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