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Amazing Maui Hikes | Waihee Ridge Trail - MAUI

Posted September 25, 2015

Aloha guys, hope you enjoy this awesome hike in the beautiful West Maui mountains! The Waihee Ridge Trail is a must-do hike if you are visiting Maui and looking to do a nice 5 mile round trip hike to get those legs burning! ("show more" for more stoked out links)

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A Hui Ho! (till we meet again)

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  • edgardo lopez 3 months ago

    I did it last summer!

  • Misael David 5 months ago

    is this a national park? if it is.. I can't fly the camera.. :(

  • Sanjay Swamy 6 months ago


    What's the best time to embark on the Waihe'e ridge trail? what time of day has minimal clouds?

  • Khristiana Stone 9 months ago

    Awesome :)

  • Nerissa Thomas 1 year ago

    Breathless views.Mahalo nui loa

  • The Traveling Together Journal 1 year ago

    I like the "virtual leash", and we regularly rock hikes in less then ideal footwear

  • Stephen Pirsch 1 year ago

    Mr. Alohastoked:  After looking at most of the videos on Waihee Ridge Trail, please allow me to critique your video.  There are a number of things that you did better than the other videos.  You showed the road signs and gave good instructions to the trail head - thank you.  You mentioned where you were in miles on the trail - thank you.  You showed great distant views - thank you.  Please consider the possibility of changing the focus of your video.   Make Maui the focus, and please consider staying in the background.   Your face fills nearly the entire screen on much of the video, and maybe half the video is your face, your dog, your water, your shoes... I bet you will get higher viewing numbers if you modify this.

  • Jim bob997 1 year ago

    Dude do you have snap chat??

  • BeMoto 1 year ago

    Kalani where this videos shot pre or post depression?

  • H0dor 1 year ago

    So you couldn't take athena with you even if Athena was back together.

  • crablej10 1 year ago

    liking the Alohastoked

  • MizomiPhotography 1 year ago

    Awesome! I've lived here almost all my life and haven't hiked this trail yet. What are you using to film this? It's so steady and easy to watch (unlike the typical shaky cam stuff I've seen from other channels) :-)

  • bmtwist22 1 year ago

    what kind of dog is Master Yodi

  • Daniel San 1 year ago

    ++AB is love ++AB is life Mahalo for da smiles

  • gncc1race 1 year ago

    Cool dude! I love this channel. I love Hawaii and it's fun having KP as our guide!

  • OtisENGINEuity 1 year ago

    was this before or after you hydro'd Athena? I'm telling you the best thing you can do after even remotely thinking you just got water in your engine is to pull the spark plug and flip the bike over and pour out the water. So long as you don't try to compress the water too hard you shouldn't bend a rod, or at least you should be able to have it bent only slightly and be able to limp it back home.. I'm sure you had a long hard push after your wash/river crossing fail, and with your collarbone I'm sure it hurt like hell.
    We need more Yodi.. (I wonder if he likes finding shellfish on the beach around hot tourist women)

  • DCBIKER 1 year ago


  • MotoBound 1 year ago

    You could get some pretty sweet shots if you had a drone!!! Loved the video!!

  • Joseph Arreygue 1 year ago

    Stairway to heaven? Lol

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    +Joseph Arreygue : )

  • x kraabel 1 year ago

    just incredibly beautiful, i'll have to spend some time there

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    +x kraabel Oh yes! I could have spent the entire day up in those mountains!

    x kraabel 1 year ago

    Do you know of any way a person could live on Maui for a few months of the year?

  • ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    PS : Thanks for reminding me about the panoramic! Image here :

  • Tristin Bailey 1 year ago

    Don't forget to post the panoramic pic you took(;

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    +Tristin Bailey Thanks! It'll be up in a few!

  • ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Thanks for watching guys!

    A Hui Ho! (till we meet again)


    ok lets see the commando trail

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    +XXHARDLUCKRACINGXX Can do! Do they make snorkels for Jedi Pups? *starts researching it

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