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Best Beaches on Maui - Maluaka Beach by Aloha Stoked

Posted August 24, 2017

Hope you guys like the beach! It's a great south shore beach on Maui that will be a much better option in the summer months when Makena beach is too big to swim. You've also got a nice snorkeling area on the North end of the beach that is often populated with hawaiian green sea turtles!

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  • Bejman13 3 weeks ago

    Not going to take beach advise from a tourist. If someone is going to recommend a beach, I want a cold, hard local to give me advice. Tourists think they know shit but they don't.

  • Paul Perez TCPS Est. 1993 3 weeks ago

    Awesome Videos, im definitely sharing ur vids, used to live in Central Kihei Pi'ilani Villages & moved to the mainland for work! You vids bring back alot of beautiful memories! Mahalo Brah for Da Kine Vids!

  • Rachel Denise 4 weeks ago

    Always love your videos and commentary. Any beach suggestions for boogie boarding with kids but closer to the Ka'anapali side? Mahalo!

  • Darlene OHara 1 month ago

    Good morning. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your videos!

  • Dave Sturdy 1 month ago

    Wish I had found your channel sooner- but I still have time to watch your vids before we head to Maui August 5 2018

  • cheryl5155 8 months ago

    Do you have a drone? If so what type?

  • Mauibabe08 10 months ago

    Got Maui'd 9 years ago today at Makena Cove...drinking some Maui Blanc wine I took home with me this spring and enjoying your GREAT videos of Maui today with my hubby! Love you for the amazing job you do!! Keep it up!!!

  • Raza Rizvi 11 months ago

    Amazing video quality! Can you please let me know what camera you use? Thanks!

  • David White 11 months ago

    Thanks for the video!! We were just there yesterday! Where can we get one of your awesome bracelets?? Aloha!

  • Sum4Seb 11 months ago

    Great video! It's nice that it isn't as busy... Love the turtle shots at the end!

  • Tech Connect 11 months ago

    Aloha Kalani, I love your channel. I thought you looked familiar and then I realized you do another channel with motorcycle riding that I stumbled upon looking for hawaii videos a year or two before. I love this newer channel the best though. I'm a big Maui fan and a Youtuber w 65000 subs myself. Its even tropical themed. Anyhow keep up the good work . Hope to maybe see you in Maui some time and say hi. Oh and epic turtle shots by the way.

  • Diana Lopez 11 months ago

    I'm in Maui, and going to all the places you've recommended. Definitely not disappointed, we loved Maui so much we stayed an extra two days. Hopefully we get to see you😅. Awesome videos!!!

  • Max Austin 11 months ago

    Awesomeness as always sir!

  • JessicaAloha TV 11 months ago

    We always enjoy your videos!

  • THEREALBONGMAN 11 months ago

    Thank you so much for your posts...I grew up for a bout 5yrs on Maui and regrettably had to move back to the mainland in the 80's so seeing your videos bring back very fond memories of a childhood I look forward to revisiting someday. I will always love my time I had in paradise.

  • Dave's Randoms - Toyota Trucks & Travel 11 months ago

    We discovered that beach last time we were there and loved it! Great video!

  • Brent Lawrence 11 months ago

    Alright buddy, going there tomorrow! You on west or East Maui??

  • Robert Lefebvre 11 months ago

    Does aloha stoked have a store to get shirts and stuff?

  • My first day on the internet 11 months ago

    This is my go to channel for info on Maui!!! Going next year thank you for all the information awesome channel

  • Amenda Steen 11 months ago

    Thanks for sharing! Love to see the beaches and turtles!

  • William Zoom 11 months ago

    Yodi is half turtle:)

  • Daniel Ramsey 11 months ago

    Thank you so very much! I'm currently serving what appears to be a life sentence living in Alaska, overhyped with too long of a dreary winter and no matter how much i try i cannot see my dream of living on Maui happening, unless i win a lottery...or sell a kidney Great videos, lifts my spirits anyway..

  • alex gon 11 months ago

    Always love your videos thank you for what you do

  • StarbaiGunner 11 months ago

    Best videos for visiting maui! I came to maui last month and watching your videos helped a lot!

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