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Best Free Things to do on Maui (series) - The Bamboo Forest

Posted August 18, 2016

Best Free Things to do on Maui (series) - The Bamboo Forest

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Disclaimer and Warnings:

The Bamboo Forest can be a very dangerous place to hike. Flash floods can happen without notice. The rocks are very slippery and people get hurt here all the time. BE CAREFUL! There have even been deaths and emergency rescues here.

It has also come to my attention that some of the hike may be on EMI (East Maui Irrigations) private property. You might want to contact them for more information on this.

The parking area is also prone to theft, leave your valuables at home. Mosquitos can also be present so bring repellant.

Be safe guys, nothing worse then getting hurt on your vacation.

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  • Mauibabe08 1 month ago

    SO going to do that!!! Great job! Love Master Yodi and the boys~

  • William Travis 3 months ago

    Great fun...Master Yodi enjoying himself!

  • Gooses Gameplay 3 months ago

    i subscribed

  • ESWilliams09 5 months ago

    Your dog is a pretty BA climber.:]

  • Matt McGee 6 months ago

    love your channel. What camera setup do you use for your vlog?

  • Marius Travell 6 months ago

    Can you please drop trail start gps locations? I know its somewhere on the way to Hana,Thanks!

  • scoobygms210 7 months ago

    He's getting so big

  • Sum4Seb 7 months ago

    Gorgeous! Kids are having a blast too, thanks for sharing!

  • tiffanysd925 7 months ago

    Awww he looks just like u!!!

  • OtisENGINEuity 7 months ago

    1:30 there is something wrong with that boy.
    I love that Yodi just shark dogged his way into the frame.. "there's a person here, I'm going to get loves no matter how much I have to swim for it"

  • Bluffshizzel 7 months ago

    So pretty, thx for showing!

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