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Fishbowl Adventure

Posted March 08, 2019

Happy Aloha Friday!

Here is some fun adventure on the South Shore - snorkels and turtles included! 🌊🀩🐢

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  • Jason Colannino 1 day ago

    Totally enjoying the videos. They are excellent and so is the quality. what kind of camera are you using?

  • SaturatedLife1 4 days ago

    That last bit of footage was great, would love to experience that. When you get the time, may I have the name of the second track on your video? I love music that reminds me of underwater adventures and gentle waves. Thank you for the video. Be safe.

  • Alex King 6 days ago

    What trail did you hike that led to a random chair overlooking a valley? I've been trying to find the video again

  • Dennis Farrell 1 week ago

    Not sure what I enjoyed more; The under water images of the majestic sea turtle or the under water images of master Yodi!

  • Moto Flash 2 weeks ago

    will the tribe return? the world may never know ;) miss you kp

  • theeHooligan 2 weeks ago

    Yodi seriously has the best life.

  • Ode&IanVlog 2 weeks ago

    Looks like kaupo already lol...

  • Diver M 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Man keep up the good work

  • Va Ho 2 weeks ago

    Love your videos! I watch every single one of them ❀ I want to go back so badly 😍

  • Terri Hamstrom 2 weeks ago

    I've enjoyed watching your videos in preparation for our first trip to Maui in April. I'm curious about your name. Is there a story or meaning behind your name? And you last name? Thanks for the videos!

  • BeMoto 2 weeks ago

    Hello Kalani. I haven't watched one of your videos in a while. Actually a long when I think about it, a year maybe or more. How's your son been doing? I am happy to see you have found some hapiness of your own and quite enjoyed this little adventure. Do you still ride sometimes?
    Have a good day!

  • John O'Donnell 2 weeks ago

    Kalani, you are so blessed.

  • John James 2 weeks ago

    My favorite snorkel spot is just before where you where. Its the little cove before the road rises onto that lava flow, I don't want say the name. Many years ago it was a small fishing boat launch ramp.
    There is a small concrete pad that is still visible in the water.
    There is a house just to the right of the entry point. Stephen T. is the owner.
    You need to get there at sunrise, very calm, and lots to see including turtles, moray eels and white tip reef sharks.
    Too bad the road got paved, now too many tourists go down that direction, oh well.
    I used to live in Kihei, Mahalo.

  • walker2508 2 weeks ago

    Is Accidental Broadcast coming back?

  • Motonosity 2 weeks ago

    Chill vibes. Loved it bro

  • Mike Flowers 2 weeks ago

    KP you forgot to spit in your mask. lol

  • Rich Miller 2 weeks ago

    Great video! Some beautiful shots for sure. Can't wait to be back there in July.

  • Clickmaster5k 2 weeks ago

    Does Tori know how to ride a motorcycle?

  • glen Decuir 2 weeks ago

    Cool got to give it to my boy Yodi he's such a badass, good boy Yodi good boy...

  • Molas80 2 weeks ago

    I thought that area was closed 🀔 Not cool to make a video about it if that's the case.

    Andrew Springer 2 weeks ago

    When we were there in 2017 it was closed, I'm hoping it's open when we go in a month. That spot looks awesome!

  • William Zoom 2 weeks ago

    How hard was it to convince Yodi those shoes were needed? :)

  • loves to travel 2 weeks ago

    are you on the big island?

    Clickmaster5k 2 weeks ago

    He is on Maui

  • Adventure Escape 2 weeks ago

    Right on brother!

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