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Hiking Haleakala

Posted April 05, 2019

In todays vlog we are hiking the Halemau'u Trail! So bring lots of water, sunscreen, good hiking shoes, and a rain jacket. πŸŒΏπŸ‘€πŸ˜Ž

Watch till the end for hidden Aloha Stoked bracelets.

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  • Ho mer 13 hours ago

    i dont understand why this video is not on the ++ AccidentalBroadcast channel

  • Bobby Lewis jr 3 days ago

    Driving up Haleakala for the sunrise is terrifying.

  • Best of 808 1 week ago

    great video still looking to find a bracelet

  • Kendall Broussard 2 weeks ago

    Love the Maui Built Hoodie, make a pass through their shop one day so I can see what new stuff they have and how the shop looks now. Aloha!

  • Lily Dugan 2 weeks ago

    Awesome video!!!😁

  • Sum4Seb 2 weeks ago

    We have been watching all of your hiking videos, love them! We can only imagine the peace and level of quiet up there. It's crazy how quick the weather can change. Beautiful video as always.

  • M S 2 weeks ago

    I live on Maui and I enjoy your channel but PLEASE stop leaving your bracelets all over these incredible places. Haleakala is sacred and special, it's not a place to litter the landscape with promotional garbage. As you know, it truly is a magical place with a special energy so please don't start this trend of hiding plastic garbage all over these sacred areas. Haleakala, and the entire island, deserves more respect.

    Debra Billings 2 weeks ago

    Agreed! Love your videos though!

  • TheNewsRoom W/ Spidey 2 weeks ago

    Brudda, what do u do 4 job?

  • Anatoliy Prokopenko 2 weeks ago

    Great content!

  • Kevin Cantrell 2 weeks ago

    That mist is so beautiful

  • bodacious 2 weeks ago

    Leave nothing but footp, take no thing but something, swim

  • Susan Whipple 2 weeks ago

    Coming to Maui May 2! Love your videos!

  • Diver M 2 weeks ago

    Well as a Canadian I try to only watch your videos around February because that is when we visit. But here I am,, I can't stop watching your videos. This one was just amazing again. Thanks

  • Shar Shar's Travels 2 weeks ago

    I will be in Maui May 18th and will be looking for your Easter eggs.πŸ˜†

  • Pugbanana13 2 weeks ago

    i did the sliding sands trails in crocs sandals. not recommended.

  • hemidesign 2 weeks ago

    Dude, I love your videos.. super fun! ha

  • David Kelly 2 weeks ago

    Tory has on shoes?? I don't believe it!

  • Rich Miller 2 weeks ago

    Amazing video. Thanks for the tips. Looking forward to our fifth visit this July. We will have to try this hike for sure.

  • William Zoom 2 weeks ago

    There's radio waves everywhere, I think the peaceful feeling you had came from that hat :)

  • The Not Lost Nomad 2 weeks ago

    Hey how easy would it be to park at the lower trailhead and hitch a ride up to the summit and then hike hitchhiking frowned upon in Haleakala?

    Jim Garcia 2 weeks ago

    The Not Lost Nomad a lot of people do that, or hike up and hitch down.

  • bkudla 2 weeks ago

    Lower oxygen levels. Lower anxiety

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