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Magical Molokai Moments | An Aloha Stoked Vlog

Posted April 13, 2017

@MalikaDudley brings us a visual tour of beautiful Molokai scenery... and the beautiful chanting of Keli'i Brown and Anakala Pilipo Solatorio. Music by local musician Mailani Makainai.

Aloha Stoked for more magical Maui County moments!

I hope you enjoy this video!

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  • Judith Zwierzynski 9 months ago

    Made time to tour Molokai. 4/3. We made it a one day trip. The flight was incredible! Just to see Maui and Molokai from the air was well worth it! The island is absolutely Beautiful! Not much to do but sight see. Everyone was so friendly. Enjoy! Relax, slow down it's Molokai!

  • AND WE DANCE. VLOGS 9 months ago

    What happened to this channel? Liked it way better when Kalani Prince was touring and experiencing Maui.. Yes, I did see yesterday's whale video. But this one did not have that KP feeling that made me sub. Just some feedback "ALOHA" ✌️

    Sirch One 9 months ago

    AND WE DANCE. what's wrong with having another person on the channel ? do you understand how much work goes into these videos ? the dude is probably super busy. just enjoy the content .. the girl is beautiful anyway.

    AND WE DANCE. VLOGS 9 months ago

    Sirch One got no problem with channels that share and have two different hosts. But if that is the case, keep your loyal fans/subs updated and or at least change the about.. And yes. I know a little about what it takes to put content up on a channel 😘

    Malika Dudley 4 months ago

    Mahalo :) From that girl up there ... lol

    Malika Dudley 4 months ago

    I actually agree with you... we should change the "about" and update the page to introduce me to the followers. This was just a "bonus" video from Molokai I cut together real quick. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my other videos more since they are more in Kalani's "style" :) Aloha!

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