Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

Maui Most Beautiful Island in the World

Posted October 25, 2017

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I : Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

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  • Melayna Hardin 7 months ago

    Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to be there in March.

  • Diane Puri 1 year ago

    kalani prince, absolutely mega stunning !  I am from Hawaii / Wahiawa / now living in the pacific nw as my husband is in hi tech.  ok I put your video into a video email to thank my hair dresser.  she dreams of moving to Hawaii !  this deserves to go viral !

  • hemidesign 1 year ago

    This video and music.. WOW

  • Phillip Ellingson 1 year ago

    Wow Kalani! This is my favorite video. Yes, Maui is the most beautiful island!

  • biketothetop 1 year ago

    Very beautifully presented by Kalani of course!

  • Maxwell Fox 1 year ago good!

  • Robert Crosby 1 year ago

    Your best video yet, editing is on point and you captured the spirit of Maui perfectly

  • Nate Walker 1 year ago

    I would like to hand you this Emmy

  • Max Austin 1 year ago

    Gorgeous work as always!!!

  • KatieMSF 1 year ago

    Stunning work! Just admired all of it

  • Kevin Kennedy 1 year ago

    Absolutely breath-taking , awesome vidy yo Kalani!

  • Amenda Steen 1 year ago

    This is such a beautiful island 🌴 what a great presentation Kalani! Thank you!

  • Glenn Kirste 1 year ago

    please be aware...the radiation levels from fukushima here...are off the charts...we monitor the whole island/maui dailey..this program will never tell you the dangers of visiting maui the best ??..yes...but please be advised...the radiation levvels are at the insane levels..and the geoengineeing/chemtrails are he telling you about all the whales that washed up last week ????? not....the reefs are dead..theres no more fish..none....are cows have URAINIUM in their milK...URAINIUM....AND MONSANTO HAS POISONED THE WHOLE ISLAND CHAIN....PLEASE....ALOHA STOKED...TELL US ABOUT THIS...WE HERE IN WAILUKU ARE LAUGHING AT YOU...YOUR NOT your videos....why is this ? you can make $$$$$....yes..were calling you a sell out.

    Todd West 1 year ago

    Wow. Ok....huh

    S Karlsson 1 year ago

    More tinfoil for Glenn's hat, post haste!!

    Glenn Kirste 1 year ago

    do you live then..keep trolling...your not ver akamai..are you ?

    Nate Walker 1 year ago

    Make a video about it

  • biketothetop 1 year ago

    It sure would be nice to see Athena running around in there, but somebody might not think she's going to keep Maui beautiful! When are you going to bring her back to Maui?

  • cam 2 1 year ago


  • Robert Lefebvre 1 year ago

    Very nice! Still waiting on your online store so o can buy an aloha stoked hat tho...

  • S Karlsson 1 year ago

    Just got back home a few weeks ago, though I'm ready to head right back over! Beautiful video. I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to Maui quite a few times since the 70's. Seen lotsa changes, but Maui is still and always the best.

  • GoPro Films 1 year ago

    Your best work so far! You capture the spirit of the land, the sea and the people perfectly.

    Glenn Kirste 1 year ago

    GoPro Films did he tell you about the Fukushima​ radiation levels..the geoengineering..the whales washing up last week...the main landers buying all the land.....tell me...did he ?...we here laugh at this dude..he is m not pono in his he ?...did he tell you how monsanto has poisoned the whole island..or the selling of the mainland hotel chain ? ?...yes..maui is beautiful...but tell the truth....aloha...from wailuku.

    GoPro Films 1 year ago

    Aloha Glenn. I’ve been coming to Maui since 1997 and have seen changes to the island. I often joke about the “old Maui” I understand some of your concerns about Maui. I agree mainlanders are buying up land and housing which drives up the cost of living for local people. The advent of apps like AIRBNB make it more profitable to rent to visitors than local people. The web shows places that years ago only local people and knowledgeable travelers knew about in turn those places have lost their wild and new feeling. I’m sure you remember when Big Beach in Makena had no life guard towers and the parking lots didn’t overflow out onto the road. I love Palauea Beach but over the years Robinson family has sold off the land fronting it lot by lot. I’d like to talk with more about the other issues you mentioned. Mahalo.

    Glenn Kirste 1 year ago

    GoPro Films robinsons are my second cousins..hahahha..and all you said is true.

  • Jorge Hernandez 1 year ago

    Very relaxing. I love Maui and your videos!

  • Norah Jarman 1 year ago

    Wow! That is beautiful. I am enjoying all your videos.

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