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Maui Ocean Center - The Hawaiian Aquarium

Posted April 21, 2016

New Aloha Stoked Vlog!

I had a great time with my friend, Sterling Ross visiting the Maui Ocean Center the other day. It was his baby, Boston's very first time there. I think his favorite thing was the sharks!

Hope you guys like the vlog and mahalo's for all the shares and comments!
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Learn more about the Maui Ocean Center :

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  • radarbrew 10 months ago

    Pretty sure "Triton" is said with the "I" long, as in "Like". But hey, it's your video, do what you want. Also pretty sure I'm visiting next year for sure.

  • Kyler Brooks 10 months ago

    Proof that Disney's Moana is Hawaiian

  • MrDuhfactor 1 year ago

    soooo beautiful....

  • LordTimelord 1 year ago

    Very cool windows looking into their huge fish tanks!

  • gncc1race 1 year ago

    I love that place! Been there many times. Once again, KP nails it. Great video Kalani. So when is your special on the Travel Channel?

  • Austin Dash 1 year ago

    Sweet. So going there next time I'm in Maui

  • brad b 1 year ago

    3:10 Trippin' out on sea toads = )

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