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Maui: The most beautiful island in the World

Posted January 12, 2017

Beautiful footage of Maui, Hawaii. The best island in the world!

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  • significances 3 weeks ago

    It would be even more beautiful without all those houses!

    lucas Lucas 1 week ago

    Where would ppl live if this island didn't have houses

  • Naila Kanwal 1 month ago


  • lovelacegrrrl 1 month ago

    😭 I need to go back!

  • Dave Sturdy 1 month ago

    Lovely video. Mahalo for sharing it.

  • South West Aquatic Sports 2 months ago

    Thank you- Awesome!

  • Adolf Hitler 2 months ago

    Is that in germany

  • Sohaib Khan 2 months ago

    I'm wondering for the moana~Maui

  • hanhxx 2 months ago

    please watch my Maui video

  • Profundo no Mundo 2 months ago

    Stunning! Great footage and music choice! Loved

  • Michelle Lee 2 months ago

    I wanna go....So magnificent✳✳✳✳

  • Jose Castillo 2 months ago

    This place is truly heavenly.

  • OfficialGalaxy 2 months ago

    Song name??????

  • AlmostBipedal 2 months ago

    Perfect choice of music. My only criticism is that the video wasn't long enough! Loved it.

  • DADDY GAMECIEL 2 months ago

    When you live on Maui but you want to leave 😂

  • da reaper 2 months ago

    beautiful island....shitty good for nothing locals that don't respect the aina or anything for that matter. maui methead lazy pieces of shit

  • Nurul tea 3 months ago

    Beautiful Maui, Hawaii

  • turningofthetide1000 3 months ago

    NIce video, but Maui gets far too many tourists. Way beyond carrying capacity. Maui gets around 2.8 million tourists a year. Tahiti gets 150,000. What does that tell you? Such a shame Hawaii is being loved to death.

  • David McGuinness 3 months ago

    Brilliant.... and inspiring. Thank you

  • Shayla Smit 3 months ago

    Aww so beautiful, miss it there

  • Tim Rickit 3 months ago

    maui resident for 20 years stop posting lies . there,s a very dark under belly to this place

  • A B E A U T I F U L P R O J E C T I O N 3 months ago


  • maui 3 months ago

    Here I am

  • M. Jugill 3 months ago

    Paradise in the world

  • Anita Anita 3 months ago

    So beautifully done Kalani 💙

  • Kyren Toma 3 months ago

    Song name plz

  • Cecile Conner 4 months ago

    To watch the sunrise have to pay 1.50 on line to reserve not including the fee. Plus have to do it 2 days in advance for reservation.At least that is what I read.Also have to be there by 3 a.m.

  • Curtis Erecacho 4 months ago

    Amazing. old Lemuria

  • Kyren Toma 4 months ago

    Uhhhh.... kauai is the most beautiful island

    Rareø 4 months ago

    You have your own opinion, but if they think that Maui is the most beautiful island, then let them -.- No need to correct, smh

    OfficialGalaxy 4 months ago

    Rareø have u been to Maui? Or Kauai? Dude check both um out. Amazing

    Rareø 4 months ago

    ChefSingz I live on Maui and I've traveled to Kauai ... both are beautiful.

    ICS 3 months ago

    As a kid who lives on Maui, I believe that Maui is beautiful. Everyone has their opinions, so I’m not going to argue about your opinion on what’s the most beautiful island in the word.

  • Pastel Nikki 5 months ago

    DANG! I’ve lived in Maui my whole life. And I don’t really go out much...So I obviously don’t know a lot of places on the island. But, WOAH! I had no idea it was that beautiful!

  • sz8 5 months ago

    This is why I went to Maui. Thanx

  • Terme Bergamo 5 months ago

    This Video is a very dirivative, trite piece of doggy doodoo!

  • vesper munia 5 months ago

    loved it 😍

  • JESSY BROWN 5 months ago

    Great job ! I do a quick drone video to !

  • MorningLight 5 months ago

    Good Job

  • Madison Cooper 6 months ago

    so beatiful right ive been there to see it in real life

  • Kari - 7 months ago

    I agree it is the most beautiful island. Awesome video!

  • Island 8 months ago

    So Beautiful Island

  • Oliver Ceballos 8 months ago

    Awesome video!

  • travelwithus 9 months ago

    Great :)

  • MAUIKINGS 9 months ago

    Damn I'm glad I live on Maui

    Pastel Nikki 5 months ago


    Rareø 4 months ago


    AlmostBipedal 2 months ago

    Sadly, I don't!

    SCAR 2 months ago


    Metsu Haruku Stone 2 weeks ago

    Same here

  • Divert Living 9 months ago

    looks beautiful! great drone shots! subbed!

  • Harvey Ohm 9 months ago

    Nice drone vid. Could we know who is the music author ?

  • FILMCOVE 10 months ago

    Aloha! I'm a professional filmmaker visiting here for a month and documenting all the awesome places I've been able to go to in a series of videos I've titled "UNSEEN MAUI" head on over to my channel to see some of the best places to visit filmed in 4k. Mahalo!

  • Ima Pseudonym 10 months ago

    Having visited Maui several times, I have to agree with the statement that it is the most beautiful place on Earth.
    Maui No Ka Oi!

  • Tony Semenyuta 11 months ago

    nice video

  • ILuvMusic 85_ 11 months ago

    Mahalo for this video! Just got back from Maui a week ago and i honestly can say i fell in love with the Island and the people are so humble makes it hard not to want to pack your life up and move there :)

  • JA 11 months ago

    I love your videos, fantastic drone shots and great attitude.
    My wife and I are permanently moving on island in 2 weeks, see you there.
    Aloha and double Shaka

  • Jovany Uribe 11 months ago

    see u in 10 days maui...

  • Timothy Rush 11 months ago

    I need to go back so bad! I left my soul there.

  • Amanda Tacopino 11 months ago

    so pretty

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