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Maui: The most beautiful island in the World

Posted January 12, 2017

Beautiful footage of Maui, Hawaii. The best island in the world!

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  • Madhura Bs 5 days ago


  • Bobby Lewis jr 6 days ago

    Grand. Video, I'd appreciate it if you couldgive me some advice on my planned trip to Hawaii..... So I'm planning to be in Hawaii from Dec 23 till Jan 2nd. It's an 11 hour flight from Virginia, so I'll lose two days in layovers. Do you believe l'll be able to visit Oahu, Maui and the big island...I planned on doing bout 3,3,3 or about 2,3,2 days on each island (TWO flights from the first island to the last island) then taking the last island to fly home. I'm 29 and healthy. I plan to snorkel and hike.. With tours being partaken in as well, do you think this will over exert me or is unrealistic....

  • Pat Meruseye 3 weeks ago

    WOW WOW WOW... without words, absolutely magical! :)

  • Marcos Arreguin 1 month ago

    Doubt the most beautiful, California has more beautiful scenery hands down, Cali Life

  • Nicolas Ruvalcaba 1 month ago

    Kauai No Ka Oi

  • Séamus Belenus 1 month ago

    This is so beautiful. I lived on the Island of Oahu. I now live in Texas. Don't get me wrong, I love Texas. I do. But I can't let go of Hawai'i. I miss Hawai'i. I sometimes dream that I am back in Hawai'i. Maui is indeed a beautiful Island as you can see from the video. Most people don't know that it snows in Hawai'i. It snows on the Big Island on Mauna Kea. It snows too in Maui up on Hale Akela. The Islands are so beautiful. Oahu too; especially the North Shore, the leeward side, and the Ko'olau. Kauai'i is also a most beautiful Island. Hawai'i is not just a vacation adventure, it is a way of life with a rich culture and history. Sadly, that's the part that tourists don't go away with.

  • Kevin Medina 1 month ago

    Where is the fisherman?

  • Najee Jackson 2 months ago

    Hawaii vs Aussie Land

    Exhibit A

  • Dilip Chavan 2 months ago

    Too much editing

  • SOUL 2 months ago

    Recently went to Big Island, Hawaii. I really want to visit other island as well. Thank you for the video!

  • stefano marini 2 months ago

    I live in Maui from 1985 to 1991, never forget!

  • Save on Maui 3 months ago

    If you coming with kids don't forget to book Maui Treasure Hunt at

  • Денис Шевченко 3 months ago

    In the world?? Are you mad? Maybe it can be the best in the USA but definitely not in the world…

    World Under Cover News 2 months ago

    You probably have never been to Maui. I grew up here and travel and no where compared to the island.

  • significances 4 months ago

    It would be even more beautiful without all those houses!

    lucas Lucas 4 months ago

    Where would ppl live if this island didn't have houses

  • Naila K. 5 months ago


  • lovelacegrrrl 5 months ago

    😭 I need to go back!

  • Dave Sturdy 5 months ago

    Lovely video. Mahalo for sharing it.

  • South West Aquatic Sports 6 months ago

    Thank you- Awesome!

  • Adolf Hitler 6 months ago

    Is that in germany

  • Sohaib Khan 6 months ago

    I'm wondering for the moana~Maui

  • hanhxx 6 months ago

    please watch my Maui video

  • Profundo no Mundo 6 months ago

    Stunning! Great footage and music choice! Loved

  • Michelle Lee 6 months ago

    I wanna go....So magnificent✳✳✳✳

  • Jose Castillo 6 months ago

    This place is truly heavenly.

  • ScoriponPlayz 6 months ago

    Song name??????

  • AlmostBipedal 6 months ago

    Perfect choice of music. My only criticism is that the video wasn't long enough! Loved it.

  • DADDY GAMECIEL 6 months ago

    When you live on Maui but you want to leave 😂

    Draco Finger 2 months ago

    why would you want to leave?

  • da reaper 6 months ago

    beautiful island....shitty good for nothing locals that don't respect the aina or anything for that matter. maui methead lazy pieces of shit

  • Nurul tea 6 months ago

    Beautiful Maui, Hawaii

  • turningofthetide1000 7 months ago

    NIce video, but Maui gets far too many tourists. Way beyond carrying capacity. Maui gets around 2.8 million tourists a year. Tahiti gets 150,000. What does that tell you? Such a shame Hawaii is being loved to death.

  • David McGuinness 7 months ago

    Brilliant.... and inspiring. Thank you

  • Shayla And Jewel 7 months ago

    Aww so beautiful, miss it there

  • Tim Rickit 7 months ago

    maui resident for 20 years stop posting lies . there,s a very dark under belly to this place

    Draco Finger 2 months ago

    do tell of this

  • A B E A U T I F U L P R O J E C T I O N 7 months ago


  • maui 7 months ago

    Here I am

  • M. Jugill 7 months ago

    Paradise in the world

  • Anita Anita 7 months ago

    So beautifully done Kalani 💙

  • Kyren Toma 7 months ago

    Song name plz

  • Cecile Conner 8 months ago

    To watch the sunrise have to pay 1.50 on line to reserve not including the fee. Plus have to do it 2 days in advance for reservation.At least that is what I read.Also have to be there by 3 a.m.

  • Curtis Erecacho 8 months ago

    Amazing. old Lemuria

  • Kyren Toma 8 months ago

    Uhhhh.... kauai is the most beautiful island

    Rareø 8 months ago

    You have your own opinion, but if they think that Maui is the most beautiful island, then let them -.- No need to correct, smh

    ScoriponPlayz 7 months ago

    Rareø have u been to Maui? Or Kauai? Dude check both um out. Amazing

    Rareø 7 months ago

    ChefSingz I live on Maui and I've traveled to Kauai ... both are beautiful.

    ICS 7 months ago

    As a kid who lives on Maui, I believe that Maui is beautiful. Everyone has their opinions, so I’m not going to argue about your opinion on what’s the most beautiful island in the word.

    World Under Cover News 2 months ago

    Maui is more diverse in terrain. Maui offers a little of everything. Kauai doesn't and it's too quiet.

  • Nikita Ferreira 8 months ago

    DANG! I’ve lived in Maui my whole life. And I don’t really go out much...So I obviously don’t know a lot of places on the island. But, WOAH! I had no idea it was that beautiful!

    Machete Moonlight 3 months ago

    had a friend who lived in Hawaii for a long time, she said it got old after a while, all that greenery and scenery... she dreamed of going home back to cold and snow and gray skies.

    Draco Finger 2 months ago

    I want to go there, how hard is it to find work?

  • sz8 9 months ago

    This is why I went to Maui. Thanx

  • Terme Bergamo 9 months ago

    This Video is a very dirivative, trite piece of doggy doodoo!

  • vesper munia 9 months ago

    loved it 😍

  • JESSY BROWN 9 months ago

    Great job ! I do a quick drone video to !

  • MorningLight 9 months ago

    Good Job

  • Madison Cooper 10 months ago

    so beatiful right ive been there to see it in real life

  • Kari - 11 months ago

    I agree it is the most beautiful island. Awesome video!

  • Island 1 year ago

    So Beautiful Island

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