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Mauis 145 Year Old Banyan Tree: The Largest in America

Posted November 20, 2018

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  • Chris Nigul 17 hours ago

    Oh man, Im glad you're back in your groove with the videos. You played a big part when I was planning my trip to Hawaiian islands this year. Back in 2020 and a dinner + beer is on me.

  • MrPoppasmurf79 2 weeks ago

    Glad to see you back on Youtube. Miss your videos of paradise.

  • Tammy Sprague 3 weeks ago

    Mahalo for posting.

  • SuperFlo8888 3 weeks ago

    Mr. Prince: you are the best with aloha! Mahal I! We love you n see u around💪👍🥰😇

  • Gecko Gal 3 weeks ago

    Enjoyed your video ! Thanks
    Your dog is so cute . I enjoy going to Kaanapali to go snorkeling.

  • KM VIDZ 3 weeks ago

    Wish I met you on our maui wedding vlogs

  • Andy Almeida 3 weeks ago

    Go passed small beach on one of your videos... not for small beach, for what is after it =) Wish I still lived in Maui... born and raised. Ty for the memories and new ideas Kalani!

  • James Fox 3 weeks ago

    Wow! Awesome Videyo! I'm coming to Maui in January. Stoked!

  • Sum4Seb 3 weeks ago

    Perfect video to bring a smile to our face! Great song selections T4S

  • Just Tex 3 weeks ago

    The cliff house part was awesome , good to see you and yodi having a good time. Cheers 4 sharing sir.

  • GonderGirl 3 weeks ago

    I fucking love this

  • Jeremy Peters 3 weeks ago

    The tribe misses you

  • InsanicMironic 3 weeks ago

    Dear Kalani, hope that you see this comment...................I dont know whether your are busy with other things or doing other photography or filming projects, but i wish that you could do more contents on all your channels , Aloha Stoked, Accidental Broadcast and The FakFak Guys, really misses the good old content days, Accidental Broadcast vids with Mr. Mike and COdy Gai and The FakFak Guys with MinuteWalk , I think that was his name ....... just a wish from old subscriber.... :-)

  • Diver M 3 weeks ago

    Thanks. Man

  • Barb Quelch 3 weeks ago

    Cliff House segment was awesome. You and Yodi are hilarious.

    Barb Quelch 3 weeks ago

    p.s. Booked Maui for May and it's all your fault :D

  • glen Decuir 3 weeks ago

    Aloha Master Yoda you to Kalani, great job buddy beautiful

  • TSTREETSURFLIVE 3 weeks ago

    Love Lahaina, Oneloa, Kapalua, surfing Ironwoods and Honolua Bay ! Feels more like home than here...

  • Kent Custer 3 weeks ago

    I hate the new bypass

  • East Coast Wolf 3 weeks ago

    Amazing video, thanks for making me feel like I was there (only the snow on the ground outside told me otherwise). The cinemas just keep getting better all the time!

  • Paul Perez TCPS Est. 1993 3 weeks ago

    Mahalo no nā hoʻomanaʻo (thanks for the memories). Happy Thanksgiving to You & To Ur O'Hana!

  • Max Austin 3 weeks ago

    Awesome as always sir!

  • Alicia Vanbriggle 3 weeks ago

    Awesome video! My husband and I stayed at the ritz carlton last month attending the love song couples getaway. We stayed 9 days. Most amazing place on Earth! Loved snorkeling at Kannapali beach and Big Beach!

  • Roger Serra 3 weeks ago

    Well done good sir.

  • vorman13 3 weeks ago

    146 years

  • radarbrew 3 weeks ago

    We were just there. Thought I might see you skulking around, but there was just so much to see. That Banyan tree was HUGE!

  • Diane Lopez 3 weeks ago

    Oh my g this is is my most favorite video so far. You and your dog look like best friends having so much fun. I can’t wait to go to Maui next September. Hope to see you there.

  • oscar anaya 3 weeks ago

    2 videos in one week? You spoil me Mr prince.

  • Brisley Claudio 3 weeks ago

    Thank you kalani my husdband and I had good memories with this video #tbt

  • Tanya Smith 3 weeks ago

    Kalani you and Yodi just make me smile, seeing place I have been and places I have not can’t wait to get back to Maui but for now thank you for letting us live the dream through you

  • Jimmy Chang 3 weeks ago

    Love that tree!

  • William Zoom 3 weeks ago

    Yodi lives the dream every single day )

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