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Posted March 08, 2016

These are the best Fish Taco's I've ever had! Thanks for being here on Maui Coconut's Fish Cafe I can't wait to come back for more!

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  • StarbaiGunner 2 months ago

    Been here about a month ago. Hands down best first tacos I've ever had

  • Proud Infidel 1 year ago

    Just sitting here at Coconuts after enjoying the Fish Tacos. Thanks for the idea, KP. The Fish Tacos were the bomb. We will be coming back. The tacos are huge and you will not leave hungry. If you are ever in Maui, you have to stop at Coconuts.

  • DaniCaliLA 1 year ago

    my boyfriend used to work there

  • TravelJunkieTV 1 year ago

    That looked more like a tostada than a taco, but for da BEST fish taco on Maui, you must try the fish tacos at Da Mexican Seafood truck in Wailuku near the Harbor on Kahului Beach Road. It's amazing! They also have amazing Shrimp Burritos & Tacos!! Check it out!

  • gncc1race 1 year ago

    Another great video KP. I already commented on it on FB, but wanted to add how much I appreciate your high quality of content and video edit. In response to some comments below, I think avid ++Tribe members know what's up with Athena and the ++AB channel. Mr. Duhfactor is working some amazing magic on her and you can be sure that Kalani is more anxious than any of us to see Athena in action again.

    What makes ++AccidentalBroadcast so awesome isn't just the bikes or the riding but Mr. Prince's creativity and high quality of production. Fortunately KP is involved with this Aloha Stoked project and we get to appreciate all the good things we love about ++AB except for the bikes and the riding (which of course we do love and miss). But I'm glad to see Kalani involved in something outside the world of motorcycling, something that is a great outlet for KP's talents and abilities and has huge potential. How about Kalani's own show on the Travel Channel?! Oh yeah!

  • shopanonymous 1 year ago

    Obsessed with Coconuts!!!!

  • brayden renner 1 year ago

    I miss the ++AB vids

    Protect Ya Neck 1 year ago

    +brayden renner I'm guessing he'll be back to posting the good old AB++ vids once he gets Athena back

    brayden renner 1 year ago

    yeah i think that too but im trying to be patient

    jylp4u 1 year ago

    +brayden renner Do or do not, there is not try. <3

  • FluffyBunny 1 year ago

    I have that in Arizona, Scottsdale and its the best place ever. Get the Ono Fish Burger with the Asian Flair. Best thing ever, you should try it next time you go to there.

  • William Zoom 1 year ago

    Clicking this was a big mistake, now I am super hungry!

    jylp4u 1 year ago

    +William Zoom Lol I totally stuffed myself silly before clicking this... It didn't help lmao.

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