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Snowing on Maui!!! (MUST-SEE)

Posted February 12, 2019

Snowing on Maui!!! (MUST-SEE)

In my decades upon decades of living on Maui, I have never seen this much snow in Haleakala. This video is the day after the storm as I did not want to go up with the dangerous conditions.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and this ultra-rare Maui sight! Please tag a friend or share the video to friends and family.

I also took some photographs and we will post them on as soon as I thaw out. For higher quality video, I recommed following us on

Have YOU ever seen snow on Maui? Leave a comment down below.

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  • Wendy Islas 3 weeks ago

    One of my favs by you! So beautiful!

  • Gary Avischious 5 months ago

    I’m from Colorado so the altitude and snow are common to us. The footage at the end is awesome!

    Love your videos! We’re visiting Maui in two months and you’ve provided some great inspiration of things to see and do! Thank you!!!

  • Michaelangelo Colon 5 months ago

    That was dope 🙏🏼 I was getting short of breath just watching lol. I wonder if I can handle that being asthmatic 🤔 I ask my Plumonary doc Mahalo ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  • Nicholas James.S 6 months ago

    sitting here in canada where it is currently -45c outside laughing my ass off at the Hawaiians freezing in maybe -5c 😂🍁

  • Tara Moran 6 months ago

    We get island snow all the time where I am. Lol- Long Island, NY ✌🤙

  • Diver M 6 months ago

    OK this was my toughest thumbs up ever. Just got back to Canada and walked in Real Snow and Cold. Let's trade?

  • biketothetop 6 months ago

    Even though I 1st found you and Athena years ago on your Moto Channel (because I have a WR250R) and loved all your adventures, I still enjoy watching your videos for mature audiences! Too bad you didn't poach it on Athena. Did you see or make any yellow snow during the filming of this video?

  • tinogerify 6 months ago

    thanks for these beautiful impressions

  • 5winder 6 months ago

    If/when you get to the top and find the door locked --- turn to Jesus... He has the key. In fact, He IS the door. Walk boldly.

  • Dave Coronado 6 months ago


  • An Archy 7 months ago

    Natural climate change associated with the grand solar minimum mini ice age of the 1600's has returned for its 400 year cycle, expect radical weather, galactic influences, cosmic rays, wandering magnetic poles, volcanic uptick, mud floods and associated catastrophes and famine with crop failures leading to peak food shock and real climate migration, which has NOTHING to do with the man-made co2 global warming climate change myth. See ice age farmer, adapt 2030, John Casey, grand solar minimum news channel, etc.

    leo smith 7 months ago

    An Archy wow awesome job of explaining! !! Couldn't have said it better

    biketothetop 6 months ago

    Will I need a will if we all die?

  • Doom Sausage 7 months ago

    Grand solar minimum is here start storing your food

  • Harvey Post 7 months ago

    Unusual yes cold then wind factor.c u took a little break climbing and relaxed .dog relaxed also and well u no licked something between legs ..

  • Micah Watts 7 months ago

    Awesome Vid!!!

  • SuperFlo8888 7 months ago

    Good job! You are the best! The music is very nice! See u around in North shore! Mahalo

  • Renren07 7 months ago

    Was going to see the sunrise that day and bike down with tour. Glad it was cancelled. Btw, I'm from Los Angeles 😁

  • Caleb Gallant 7 months ago

    Was on the top of Haleakala a week before the snow hit haha, we were in Oahu when we saw it on the news, I love hearing you guys say it’s so cold 😂 I just got home to Canada a few days ago and it’s -50 here so I’m sure your guys idea of cold was like -10 Celsius 😂❤️

  • Mauiboob 7 months ago

    Awesome, reminds me of when me and Tim experienced my first snowfall in Tokyo our first winter. Coooooollddddd

  • magaleng 7 months ago

    Lucky it wasn’t that windy that day. Was there Saturday night and was blowing hard.

  • Yolanda Reyes 7 months ago

    Beautiful! Love the Sun. Good video.

  • Duane Kaimana-Scott Edlao 7 months ago

    so trippy. mahalo for sharing

  • Visit Live Love Maui 7 months ago

    Snow on Maui - It does not happen often which makes it so "fun" and "special". :)

  • thatfatboiforu 7 months ago

    Makes me miss the island so much. I’ve got 2 feet of snow in my yard currently and my heart aches to be back on Maui.

  • ZJFilms 7 months ago

    There was snow last year and they opened the road to the summit. I was actually one of the first few people to step in the powder.

  • Maverick Akana 7 months ago

    How’d you get there if the park is closed?

  • BC Bob 7 months ago

    No snowmen or snow angels...

  • Daniel Ramsey 7 months ago

    I too was at the summit mid December, but I'm from Alaska. Cold wasn't an issue, it was the altitude, could not breath!

  • kimberly jonassen 7 months ago

    Sick footage! Nice job thanks for sharing. Aloha~

  • Chris Nigul 7 months ago

    What trail was that up there? And also, what app is she using? Thanks

  • Dobbs Live 7 months ago

    Hello I am a Yooper from the upper Peninsula of Michigan in Houghton. I I live in an area where we get 300+ inches of snow every year. It never ceases to Amaze me, even to this day how much fun it is to see snow for the first time. That feeling happens to me ever year. Next time you need to moto vlog in the snow dude! haha Nice vid.

  • Darrell Rackley 7 months ago

    OMG I love it, I have shared it on FB and sent it to all my friend.... Master Yodi looks like he is walking in the surf. Love it Mahalo for sharing this.

  • Large Southern Load 7 months ago

    In 25 years you will be building igloos there

  • scottish accent 7 months ago

    so that snow on Maui a first time, but it's up in the mountians ,love to live there some day

  • M Brachi 7 months ago

    That’s surprising!

  • Tropical Australian Atheist 7 months ago

    I've been to the summit of Haleakala in early December - no snow but it was still bloody cold !
    I heard it was even a bit chilly down on the coast !? Hi from Queensland , AUS .
    Just to let you know, it's the opposite here right now, about 37 degrees Celsius or 98 Fahrenheit today ! Tonight will get down to maybe 76 F and humid !

  • Derrick Andrade 7 months ago

    I was on the island this time last year and we saw a white top for a day. Glad you can experience this!! Aloha!

  • zenithskull 7 months ago

    How long was the walk up there and back?Does it get dark on your way down if you watch the sunset?

  • socal20001 7 months ago

    what camera are you using?

  • Ode&IanVlog 7 months ago

    The music makes this video with life Aloha....

  • BananaJSSI 7 months ago

    It can get cold up there on Haleakala because it is over 10,000'ft elevation. We were up there last year and it was very cold

  • Lynse Olson 7 months ago

    Awesome seeing you on instagram live yesterday! Fun being able to be apart of your adventure.

  • Maui Napper 7 months ago

    nice! how cool! that would've been a lot less of a walk at 6300 ft, no doubt! worth it, though, right? great video! keep up the good work!

  • Paulo Henrique 7 months ago

    Eu não sei como vim parar aqui, sou o primeiro BR aqui?

  • GonderGirl 7 months ago


  • GonderGirl 7 months ago

    bahahahhhahahahahha "its so cold" "Brrr.. Its so cold" "omg its so cold"

  • glen Decuir 7 months ago

    Fake news,lol.. great job brother aloha

  • Dallas Laxton 7 months ago

    We’ve gotten 8” of snow in the last 24 hours and it’s still snowing. I really hope to not see snow on Maui next month 😏

  • Sean Macy 7 months ago

    Tori is handling it much better than you.

  • Mike Cothran 7 months ago

    Soo amazing to hear you guys got snow. This past week in Seattle we broke records for snowfall, so seeing that you got some too was just wow. Thanks for the vidies Kalani.

  • shrek420ify 7 months ago


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