Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

The Hidden Beaches of Maui - Rugged Terrain Keeps Secluded Beach Pristine

Posted September 18, 2017

Aloha Stoked contributor @MalikaDudley takes us into the sky to view Maui from a bird's eye view. Check out some of the secluded beaches that are better viewed from the sky! Hope you enjoy the vlog! Mahalo for all your likes and shares 'ohana! Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

**Caution: Hiking to the beaches mentioned in this piece is not advised and can be very dangerous.**

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  • Clickmaster5k 2 years ago

    Does Malika ride motorcycles?

  • Glenn Kirste 2 years ago

    aloha from maui....we are so geoengineered/chemtrailed...its insane !!!!...and we have done our own independent radiation testing...fukushima radiation ....its off the scale !....maui is over...the reefs are more more sealife....are these beaches "prestine" videos...but ..please inform the public of the "real "..maui....its PONO...for you to do this....aloha .

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