Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

The Most Beautiful Island in the World. Maui, Hawaii

Posted April 21, 2017

Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for sharing! Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

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  • shahneelatasneem 2 weeks ago

    Because of your channel, our visit to Maui was perfect and unforgettable. Thanks so much, Kalani. You're amazing. You got us aloha stoked!!! Be back soon. 🤙

  • JA 2 months ago

    We've sold our house and am writing this surrounded by moving boxes, me and my wife are moving to Maui for good.
    We've vacationed on island for over 15 years but will now make it home, were mentally preparing to bring the Aloha and leave the mainland mindset behined and just let go.
    We're on our way and will say what up when I see you,

    John and Linda

  • Chiquita Grant 2 months ago

    Very Excellent editing!!! Loved Loved Loved the video keep up the amazing work :)

  • xxxnolove 3 months ago

    Going next summer ! I've been tuned in to your channel as a travel guide , thank you 👍🏼

  • Julian Boone 3 months ago

    Bra the camera doesn't do its justice it's even better in person but the sunset shots are 😉 amazing

  • jeonghan af 5 months ago

    I live on this island and I've never been to half of these places yet lol

    Julian Boone 3 months ago

    jeonghan af same but I've been to all of them

  • Storm Eagle 6 months ago

    This is a true statement. 4 times ive been and still need more maui

  • Mauibabe08 6 months ago

    Amazing video Kalani!! Just amazing....

  • Shanne de Vera 6 months ago

    wow! thank you for sharing all the awesome footage! you inspire me to make more vids!!

  • Robbie Surfer 6 months ago

    Whilst I have been to Maui 3 times now for surf, and have to say it is beautiful, I would have to say that the island of Menorca in the Mediterranean is THE most beautiful, we do get a very few Americans who have found it, but they don't let others know their secret

  • JessicaAloha TV 6 months ago


  • Max Austin 6 months ago

    As always, outstanding sir!!!

  • Pmk 6 months ago

    Excellent video Kalani. Fell in love with Maui 4 years ago. Been there every year since and got married there last year. Going back in Feb.

  • ogieogre 6 months ago

    So much cinema Kalani! Another great video and edit. Much love from Los Angeles 😀

  • Dustin Amalato 6 months ago

    Nice video n edits 👍🏽

  • Dallas Laxton 6 months ago

    Wow!!! Incredible job Kalani! Mahalo

  • Sum4Seb 6 months ago

    To Notch editing! I'd be proud as hell to call Maui my home! 😀 Keep up the great videos ♥

  • Amblinman 6 months ago

    Why do you do this to me? I can't afford to go back yet.

  • T H 6 months ago

    great stuff!!

  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY 6 months ago

    Love Love Love - I'll be back. Excellent video

  • scoobygms210 6 months ago

    ive missed your videos and your positive attitude brother never stop following your dreams u have become an excellent editor and filmer

  • Desertness 6 months ago


  • KatieMSF 6 months ago

    Breathtaking videos! Thank you for making such a beautiful videos of Maui

  • Spartacus38 6 months ago

    so true! we ran into you guys in Lahaina this past Feb. the two people who yelled ALOHA STOKED! Keep up the vids

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