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The Oasis - Maui, Hawaii

Posted April 20, 2016

New VLOG - Welcome to the "Oasis"

Hope you guys enjoy this vlog on Maui's West side! Leave a comment down below about your favorite place on Maui and maybe it will be in the next episode!

Mahalo for all the shares guys!
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  • Sirch One 10 months ago

    My girlfriend & i were in that spot back in January.. We legit sat on the rocks and watched those waves crash for about 2 hours...So epic! Even saw a turtle .. He looked like he was having a rough afternoon in those waves. Love the videos man!1 second ago•

  • Ric Dizon 11 months ago

    Eh Kalani, always the freshest aerial videos. Mahaloz for sharing.

  • gncc1race 11 months ago

    That's one thing I've never done on Maui, do the Oneloa trail out to Hawea Point. We haven't made it out to Dragon's Teeth on the other side of Oneloa beach either. The last time we were at Oneloa, there was massive surf coming in and the waves were literally higher than Makalua-puna Point (had to look that up...) where Dragon's Teeth is! The earth shook as the waves hit the beach. We couldn't even stand on the beach, but had to watch from the top of the stairs. Crazy!

    Again KP, the flying camera machine, operated by your capable hands has yielded even more exquisite, breathtaking views! Be still my heart! Thank you Kalani.

  • Gerox 11 months ago

    Another great video, and those drone shots are incredible, love them in the AB+ vlogs too!

  • brad b 11 months ago

    I love that you call it a " flying camera machine " and not a drone !! Drone makes it sound so mindless ..... like an automaton ! It obviously takes brains to operate ! : ) Great viddy - yo as always .

    brad b 11 months ago

    5:12 is that another island in the distance , or still part of the Maui coastline ??

  • Dave's Randoms 11 months ago

    Amazing! I'm currently vacationing on Maui. Going to check this out!

  • Bfaxi1 11 months ago

    ALL your videos are tremendous! AND I MEAN ALL of them! (++AB)

  • bjslive09 11 months ago

    Awesome vid!! Keep it up

  • dahveed284 11 months ago

    The drone footage looks awesome! The non-drone footage doesn't look as sharp. Great video!

  • BlueGram 13 11 months ago

    Your adventures around the Island are a good show case for your talent, thanks you for the views.

  • Cmhav125 11 months ago

    What is the progress on the bike?

  • Paul Sullivan 11 months ago

    My favorite turtle watching spot! Love the flying camera, looks incredible. Thanks for posting!

    ALOHASTOKED 11 months ago

    +Paul Sullivan Thanks Paul!

  • Richard Gomez 11 months ago

    Hi kalani just one ? We're can I get instrumentals that I could use on my videos. That I won't be hit with a copyright issue.

    ALOHASTOKED 11 months ago

    +Richard Gomez I use Every now and again, they still get flagged on YouTube though, just so you know, yo : )

    Richard Gomez 11 months ago

    +ALOHASTOKED thanks kalani keep up the good work

  • Simplexity 11 months ago

    good vid buddy!

    ALOHASTOKED 11 months ago

    +Sam Davies Thanks for watching!

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