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The Road to Hana via Motorcycle is the BEST!

Posted November 14, 2018

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  • Lisa Hummel 8 months ago

    Would you recommend it on mopeds?

  • Taylor Ribando 9 months ago

    Your videos are so helpful! I will be visiting Maui in Feb and cant wait!

  • david chilton 10 months ago

    You should post this video on the channel of the tribe.

  • James Fox 10 months ago

    Glad to see you back on the Tubes Kalani. As far as I am concerned, your vids are among the best in the motovlog genre. Bring the Tribe back...

    I am coming back to Maui to show my wife what paradise is, because of my experience but also becuse of you, remindng me of the majesty of the 808.

  • radarbrew 10 months ago

    We were just there in October, loved that island!

  • iSkillz67 10 months ago

    AMAZING!!!That would be a great ride!

    iSkillz67 10 months ago

    @ALOHASTOKED How long does the drive take with no stops and minimal traffic? (Say from Paia all the way round the back to Hana Hwy.)

  • Kevin Cantrell 10 months ago

    I have never been, but would really really like to go!

  • Bianka Antwanette 10 months ago

    I got so sick on the road to Hana. It was beautiful but I got grumpy since I got sick 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

  • OtisENGINEuity 10 months ago

    WTF?! Kalani on a motorcycle again?! Wait this isn't Accidental Broadcast... I'm so confused.. well at least he's not talking about his 1080penis.

  • Mike Cothran 10 months ago

    Thanks Kalani for another video hope we get another one sooner than later. Love them all🤙

  • Diver M 10 months ago

    Is this part one of five?

  • Shifting Lands 10 months ago

    Boondocking on a pile of rocks in the desert, We really needed this! Mahalo

  • The Driver's Perspective 10 months ago

    Oh man, supermoto on Road to Hana?! That looks and sounds like heaven. I loved my trip to Maui last year and every time we drove on the north west end of the island (Road to Hana too), I wished I was on a bike. Thanks for the video.

  • doubleiris 10 months ago

    Did the ride last year when I was there. It's is a must. Garden of Eden is beautiful and food truck is really good.

  • Walrus102 10 months ago

    he's back. the videos yo

  • glen Decuir 10 months ago

    Aloha buddy another great show Athena sounding good tell Master Yoda howdy and we'll see you on the flip side...
    Ps.. need some cold wet jungle peace out

  • DynamicAdvertising 10 months ago

    What took you soooooo long to post? More please.

  • Steven Geist 10 months ago

    Is renting a bike for the day pricey over there !

  • B.B. Mercari 10 months ago

    Outstanding to see you back behind the camera. Your work keeps the island in my heart.

  • Robert Lefebvre 10 months ago

    Please make some longer videos or just more in general... I need my fix!

  • Ginny Flury 10 months ago

    Aw that was way too short. Now I really miss the island.

  • William Zoom 10 months ago

    No stop for banana bread?  )

    SF.DC 10 months ago

    he goes to Aunty Sandy's banana bread all the time!

  • Jimmy Chang 10 months ago

    Love your videos and perspective! Followed your videos on our last visit to Maui and even made my own timelapse of the road to Hana which even ends with a Onewheel!

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