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The Shops at Wailea - ARTwalk

Posted July 14, 2016

Lover of art? Follow Aloha Stoked host Kalani Prince along as he visits the Art Walk. Located in The Shops at Wailea, the Art Walk showcases local artists, musicians, and food! Happening every Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm, the Art walk is a Maui must do!

"What a great night at The Shops At Wailea​ and #ARTwalk. I got to meet some of the artist including Aaron Feinberg with @aFeinbergPhotography​, Andrea Razzauti​, and Kristine Snyder​ with" -Kalani Prince

Hope you enjoy the video!
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A Hui Hou!

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  • William Travis 3 months ago

    Beautiful Maui...Over the rainbow on a harp so soothing...Photography depicting God's creation!

  • Kevin H 5 months ago

    Another great video! Thanks Kalani

  • jylp4u 8 months ago

    I've only just now realized how much I love art and how starved that part of my life truly is. You've just changed my future yet again! <3 To see the cage is to be free of the cage.

  • Just Tex 8 months ago

    Amazing place , cheers for sharing

  • Ginny Flury 8 months ago

    Again wonderful. Thanks for taking me along.

  • BlueGram 13 8 months ago

    Watching all the Alohastoked videos makes we want to come back to the Island thanks. KP

  • Jawn Amigo 8 months ago

    beautiful stuff.

  • Sven0341 8 months ago

    I always spend so much time on the west side. my wife and I barely spent any time in Wailea. when we come back in May I look forward to checking this out. Keep up the good work!

  • Sum4Seb 8 months ago

    Those are beautiful art 🎨 galleries. Marlo looks a little shy 😀 Thanks for taking the time to share local talents with us.

  • William Zoom 8 months ago

    That picture of the El Camino would really tie my living room together :)

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