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The Unseen Maui Adventure

Posted September 15, 2016

Most will never see THIS part of Maui! (Video)

*Disclaimer - Rental car companies do not allow their vehicles to be taken around the backside of Maui. Still, many do it but BE CAREFUL. The roads past Kipahulu are very dangerous, narrow, and without guardrails in many spots. People have had life ending accidents on this road. Keep your eyes on the road at all times, and drive cautiously. Other then that, I hope you enjoy this short video showing one of Maui's lesser traveled roads.
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  • John O'Donnell 6 months ago

    killer video!!
    thank you braduh

  • Michelle Estrada 7 months ago

    what's the music playing

  • SuperGoldnut 11 months ago

    Come on Kalani show us the 'real unseen adventure' and head up country on a full moon for some tripping. When the moon hits the (cow) pie it's a big mushroom pie, Now That's a Maui

  • Charlie Football 1 year ago

    This should've been on your main channel :(

  • sasha038 1 year ago

    Any car rental suggestions? I know they don't like tourists driving through the backside of Maui so what would you suggest for us?

    SuperGoldnut 11 months ago

    Any major rental company is good and some of the smaller ones are also. Check trip adivsor for reviews. Convertibles are nice but you cant see over the guard rails and miss much of the views, Jeeps are great but it is damn near impossible to lock anything up in it. I prefer an SUV as you may find yourself needing to go or turn around in some sketchy stuff plus the higher view is a major plus. As far as the the back side and upper NW side of Maui? JUST DO IT and be careful

    sasha038 11 months ago

    SuperGoldnut Finally, a solid response!! 😜 thank you thank you 🙏

  • Daniel Krauthammerosenbushelm 1 year ago

    Gnarly! What's the name of the song

  • AngryOctopus 1 year ago

    Are the goats one of the reason this area looks so scrubby? They can't be good for natives plants.

    Felix Svan 10 months ago

    AngryOctopus nature decide how backside of Maui is gonna look like and goats can do whatever they want just like us humans

    AngryOctopus 10 months ago

    Blue Lagoon but the humans are the reason goats are there. They are super invasive.

    tunatony 7 months ago

    AngryOctopus ...not really, a necessary evil controlling non-native plants and weeds and confined to specific problem areas, no need to eco-pontificate...lolz!!! You can chill-ax now.

  • Reilly Morocco 1 year ago

    What's the song?

  • Jennifer Epps 1 year ago

    Great video, loved it!! 👍👏💖

  • Desiree Paahana 1 year ago

    hey Kalani, can you do a vlog of the road between Wailea and upcountry?

  • Sirch One 1 year ago

    So dope

  • BSMotoVlogs 1 year ago

    Can you compare the 250l power to the 250r power?

    Charlie Football 1 year ago

    The R is the Racing spec bike and the L is for commuting. I don't know the correct terms But even though the engine size is the same the ECU mapping is different. So the power delivery, gearing & throttle response is a lot more "violent" with the 250r. Think of the 250r as a turbo/super-charged 250L.

  • Desertness 1 year ago

    "If you haven't been to the back side of Maui- you'r probably gonna like this episode" ..... And if you HAVE been to the back side of Maui.... your STILL gonna like this episode. :)

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