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Unseen Maui - The Kanaio Coast!

Posted March 18, 2019

Check out this week's 4x4 Aloha Stoked adventure! 😎🌎🌊

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  • Michaelangelo Colon 2 weeks ago

    Dope ✊🏜🀙🏌

  • Roxana McCoury 1 month ago

    loved it

  • Clickmaster5k 1 month ago

    You dont need a jeep. you have a WR! I have both and mostly just use the jeep for hauling the WR around lol. It is nice though to have a little more carrying capacity some times.

  • Starseed95 1 month ago

    Tori is a cutiepie : )

  • Racerkey999 1 month ago


  • GonderGirl 1 month ago


  • Maui SurfDog 1 month ago

    Brah, no need encourage tourist visiting this area. They can stay in Wailea, Kapalua and Kaanapali.

  • biketothetop 1 month ago

    Next time take Athena there with a new batt on ++AB!

  • Darrell Rackley 1 month ago

    I own a 2018 Jeep Sahara - you need to get one. the lava rock does not eat your tires?

  • hemidesign 1 month ago

    2:32.. hold your tits..

  • John O'Donnell 1 month ago

    Does the word "sunscreen" mean anything to you?
    Why you let da-kine stay ly-dat brah? LOL
    Tori is so adorable.

  • dahveed284 1 month ago

    Cool! I've been 4WD on some of those beaches down there, but I think it was closer to Kaupo. Never thought about linking up with the King's Highway. Maybe when I come back. Was this before the windmills?

  • ehumaui 408 1 month ago

    Looks like fun. Need to bring fishing

  • Geordie Butterfield 1 month ago

    Kalani, I want to retire in Hawaii. How do you feel about Maui vs Kauai?

  • Robert Crosby 1 month ago

    @alohastoked, Grandmas Coffee House has the best giant chocolate chip cookies!!

  • gncc1race 1 month ago

    Awesome KP! Another great Aloha Stoked video. I don't comment often here, but I do want to let you know how much I appreciate this channel and the work you do on it. As a Tribe member I've been a big fan of your work and have appreciated this channel especially when ++AB silent. Of which I definitely appreciated today's ++AB upload, of course! And was then very pleasantly surprised to see a new Aloha Stoked video today also.

  • William Zoom 1 month ago

    At least the Jeep starts when you push the button :)

    gncc1race 1 month ago

    ...Somebody watched this morning's ++AB video. Me too, fellow Tribe member. It was nice to come out of the dark, wet jungle for a while.

    biketothetop 1 month ago

    Yeah it starts, but whose Jeep is it?

  • Robert K 1 month ago

    How can I contact you to see if it made Financial sense??

  • Robert K 1 month ago

    Kalani would you be interested in a potential investor to start a business??

  • The Not Lost Nomad 1 month ago

    Great videos, keep them are helping me plan my 10 day trip in May!

    Robert Crosby 1 month ago

    Hit Up Country and go to the Lavender Farm, its a great spot and from there you can follow Kalani's adventure!

    Frontor 1 month ago

    Maui is UNREAL. Best vacation spot ever!

  • MxP 1 month ago

    Two viddy yows on one day. Kalani is BACK! (I hope....)

  • UpscaleVault Lost 1 month ago


    UpscaleVault Lost 1 month ago

    Jeeps are turds.

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