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VLOG: Snorkeling with Sail Maui in Lanai, Hawaii

Posted August 02, 2019

What's happening guys? In today's vlog we are snorkeling at
Manele Bay with Sail Maui - Performance Sailing! ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŒด

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  • Cadalaack 4 days ago

    Donovan with no flex 2:36, suns out guns out!

  • Clickmaster5k 1 week ago

    whats with the masked guy at the end?

  • Austin Ellis 2 weeks ago

    I dig your videos guys! Whats the best spots to camp/stay on the island?

  • 69Camaro 2 weeks ago

    How long did you get to snorkel?

  • Skyline Leather Co 2 weeks ago

    Dad retired ๐Ÿคฃ

  • On Hawaii Time 2 weeks ago

    Nice!! Definitely going to check out Sail Maui next time we island hop over to Maui! Aloha~

  • William Zoom 2 weeks ago

    Was the picnic lunch PB & J's on rye?

  • Norah Jarman 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Your son sounds just like you!

  • John O'Donnell 2 weeks ago

    That is probably one of the best snorkeling excursions offered. You get an awesome boat to cruise on, snorkeling somewhere besides a Molokini, a ride all the way to the actual island of Lanai, lunch provided in a beautiful environment, and a ride back.
    That is what I call living.
    Excellent video. Thank you Kalani for sharing these super wonderful Maui clips/vlogs.

  • Greg Helton 2 weeks ago

    Nice boat!

  • Robert Lefebvre 2 weeks ago

    Do you ever encounter sharks and what is the best thing to do if so? When I was on the island they said donโ€™t worry about sharks they are looking for turtles and you donโ€™t look much like one. Not sure how true that is though lol.

    Greg Helton 2 weeks ago

    Robert Lefebvre I see them all the time. I swim slow so as not to spook them (they flee when spooked) and take as many photographs as I can. Just donโ€™t panic.

  • MrPoppasmurf79 2 weeks ago

    Love the videos. Thanks

  • Dennis Farrell 2 weeks ago

    Kids got chops!

  • hemidesign 2 weeks ago

    Cool, can't wait to visit Lanai...

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