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Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation

Posted April 12, 2017

Pacific Whale Foundation offers some amazing whale watching tours on Maui! We were lucky enough to join "whale whisperer" and founder Greg Kaufman for their VIP whale watch tour.

Click here to book a tour:

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  • Tammy Sprague 11 months ago

    I went snorkeling with PWF on one of my trips to Maui, of the coast of Lanai.

  • Landon Stancik 2 years ago

    love your videos! what is the music used at the end of the video?

  • Danny Man 2 years ago

    I am headed to maui next Friday, are there still whales out there? not sure if they will start to leave for alaska by then

  • Zeene InRealLife 2 years ago

    Hey Kalani - I love your videos! You've got a great on-camera presence. :) I'm going to be visiting Maui in June and your channel has been really helpful for itinerary planning. I'm stoked to head out there!

  • Judith Zwierzynski 2 years ago

    Just left Maui.... :(   We were able to see Whales from Makena Beach. They were in the distance but they are large enough that when they blow, dive (see their tail), flip or breech you can clearly see them. It is incredible!

  • MrProjekts 2 years ago

    Yeah but, is the earth still flat ? :/

  • Flux Vibe 2 years ago

    Hey Kalani what's happening with accidental broadcast ?

  • James Vertovec 2 years ago

    Headed to Maui for a week this Saturday!

    ImOn Whaley 2 years ago

    Jelly man, Maui is awesome! I had a fantastic time.

  • 1Leg2Wheels 2 years ago

    We were just on this very tour back in January. We were also very fortunate to get the photos we got, as well. The experience is incredible, and given the chance I would do it all over again.

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