Maui's Ultimate Visitor Guide

15 Maui Must-Do’s

Whether you are a first­-time visitor or a repeat visitor, Maui is always an amazing travel destination. The things to do in this spectacular island are pretty much countless, so here is a list of must­-do’s to kick off your exciting Maui island adventure:

1) Lahaina Front Street

Lively Lahaina town.   Image courtesy of

Lively Lahaina town. Image courtesy of

Lahaina Front Street is located in the historic town of Lahaina. This West Maui attraction is a great place to walk around and find one of a kind souvenirs. Offering a various selection of restaurants, galleries, surf shops, and boutiques, the thoroughfare remains one of the most popular visitor attractions on Maui.

Historically, Front Street was once lined up with raucous taverns and whaling outposts, fought over by missionaries because of the lax morals of whalers. Now, Lahaina Front Street has a different kind of “buzz”, with an assortment of global and local brands, the Street offers an abundance of sights and activities for visitors to enjoy. The unique character of its architecture reflects Lahaina’s long history, from archaeological sites to buildings built in the 1830’s and later.

Lahaina Banyan Tree.   Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Lahaina Banyan Tree. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

A favorite attraction along the street is a Banyan tree planted in April 1873 by the Sheriff. The tree now reaches up to sixty feet tall with branches covering over two hundred feet of area. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with spectacular views of both Lanai and the West Maui Mountains, Lahaina Front Street is a must­-do for first­-time visitors and repeat visitors.

2) Scuba Diving

Image Courtesy of

Image Courtesy of

Gifted with rich tropical reefs, abundant sea life, and diverse diving locations, Maui is an exceptional place for scuba diving. The underwater experience on Maui is unlike any other, from reefs created through lava rock formations, to shipwrecks and World War II tank wrecks, there is a new world to see under Maui’s waters. The number of underwater mysteries to discover are pretty much endless. In all of Hawaii, Maui has one of the most balanced aquatic ecosystems, offering the ultimate scuba diving experience for visitors and locals alike. From the marine reserves of Honolua Bay to the coral gardens of Molokini, there are plenty of Maui diving locations to choose from.

Find out more about Maui Boat Tours Take advantage of Maui’s warm winds, clear waters, teeming marine life, and breathtaking sunsets on a Maui boat tour.

3) Hiking

If you to want explore the natural treasures of the island up close and personal, hiking is one of the most popular Maui activities to do. Although Maui hiking seems like a daunting task, there are various hikes for all skill levels to choose from. From hiking trails ranging from easy walks to 3-­day excursions, there is a hiking trail perfect for anyone. Some of the spectacular sights of Maui hikes include bamboo forests, freshwater streams, volcanic landscapes, and saltwater pools on Maui’s north shore. If you are a first­-time visitor or a repeat visitor, hiking is a must-­do to better explore the geological diversity of Maui.

4) Haleakala Sunrise

Haleakala sunrise, file Photo by Wendy Osher of

Haleakala sunrise, file Photo by Wendy Osher of

Seeing the sunrise from Maui’s Mount Haleakala will probably be one of the most majestic spectacles you will ever witness. At 10,000 feet above sea level, the Haleakala sunrise unfolds like a beautiful painting. This must­do Maui activity is great to see on your first morning to set the mood for a fabulous Maui vacation. But before you begin your Haleakala expedition, make sure you have a filled gas tank, snacks, drinks, and layers of clothing as the weather is much cooler due to the high elevation.

5) Maui Luau

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

A trip to Hawaii is incomplete without attending one of the dozen luaus available on Maui. Most Maui luaus serve a traditional Hawaiian buffet, entertainment, and lessons about Hawaiian and Polynesian culture. Luaus are a great way to immerse yourself or the whole family with traditional and contemporary Hawaiian music and dances. Watch beautiful stories of Hawaii told through the graceful movements of hula dancers. Make sure to bring your appetite because a Hawaiian spread of Kalua pork, cooked in a traditional pit oven, will most likely be served for you to enjoy. Read Inside One of Hawaii’s Most Authentic Luau to learn more about the Old Lahaina Luau.

6) Golfing

Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Courtesy Photo

Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Courtesy Photo

Maui offers the best selection of golf resorts for visitors and golf enthusiasts in all of Hawaii. Annually, major tournaments like the PGA Tour are hosted in Maui’s world class resorts like the Kapalua golf resort. Observed in January, the PGA Tour attracts the best golf athletes to Maui. The year­-round beautiful weather and topography make Maui an exceptional golfing getaway. With challenges for every skill level and community that ranges from public courses to private and elite golf courses, there is a golf course suited for anyone looking for a world­-class golfing experience.

7) Beach Time

Beach time is probably the most exciting activity for a Maui vacation. With many portions of coastlines to choose from, and beaches ranging from traditional sandy beaches to rocky beaches, Maui offers the most beautiful beaches in the world. The island of Maui boasts over 30 miles of beaches, offering unique utilities for any activity like snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, or weddings on the beach. A visit to Maui is incomplete without a day at least spent on the beach.

8) Restaurants

Menu items available at Mama's Fish House

Menu items available at Mama’s Fish House

Maui restaurants offer one of the most diverse dining options in all of Hawaii, from trendy food trucks to fine dining restaurants, there is a meal to satisfy every craving. Thanks to the influx of plantation workers from around the world during the 19th century. In addition, the famous island of Maui and its spectacular views make it one of the most desired locations to start a restaurant, attracting gifted chefs and big­name restaurant owners from all over the world. With locally owned farms, sugarcane plantations, and freshly caught seafood, expect the high quality and fresh ingredients for every meal.

9) Maui Ocean Center

Located at Maalaea, the Maui Ocean Center is a world­class marine park for visitors who want to explore the diversity of Hawaiian sea life. A popular aquarium attraction is the fully enclosing glass tunnel which you can walk through and admire a display of Hammerhead sharks, enormous
stingrays, and large tropical fish swimming around you. Outdoor pools of Hawaiian green sea turtles and Hammerhead sharks are outside of the gigantic indoor aquariums. The Maui Ocean Center also offer private evening tours to experience the nocturnal behavior of sharks and other marine life. The Maui Aquarium is a great exhibit for the whole family to learn about the culture, ocean ecology, and whale life of Hawaii.

10) Helicopter Tours

A Blue Hawaiian Helicopter touring the Maui coast.

A Blue Hawaiian Helicopter touring the Maui coast.

Soar above the Hawaiian island of Maui and discover beautiful locations that are only accessible through a helicopter tour. Survey majestic Maui mountains laced with valley walls and rain forests, and grand waterfalls cascading over towering cliffs. Cruising the island on air is a definite must for those looking to discover hidden treasures of Maui beyond the paved roads and hiking trails. With various Maui helicopter tours to choose from, there is a tour for every experience you are looking for.

Guide to Helicopter Tours on Maui Maui helicopter tours allow you to discover breathtaking views of hidden valleys, waterfalls, and mountain summits impossible to traverse on foot.

11) Road to Hana

Oheo Gulch. Image Courtesy of

Oheo Gulch. Image Courtesy of

The Road to Hana is an absolute must for visitors looking to embark on one of Maui’s great drives. The serpentine route is a complete escape from daily life with unblemished landscapes and sky­-high waterfalls. World famous for its natural beauty, the Road to Hana features the Maui ocean on the left and lush Maui rainforests on the right. Offering black sand beaches, hiking trails, bamboo forests, and stunning waterfalls, Hana is the perfect place for a mind and body relaxation.

Aloha Stoked Feature: The Road to Hana With a long list of spectacular points of interest to choose from, we’ll show you the best stops on the Road to Hana.

12) ‘Ulalena

Women in the village beat kapa cloth. Photo by Moriah Diamond, courtesy ‘Ulalena.

Women in the village beat kapa cloth. Photo by Moriah Diamond, courtesy ‘Ulalena.

Located at The Maui Theater in Lahaina, ‘Ulalena is a theatrical performance that tells the rich history of Hawaiian culture, nature, and mythology. With over 100 instruments played live, colorful visual effects, talented performers, and original music and choreography, ‘Ulalena has received rave reviews from all over the world. This family­friendly show is a must for visitors who want to experience a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the Hawaiian islands.

13) Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

Sunset, Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Kula. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Kaiscapes.

Sunset, Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm in Kula. Photo courtesy of Flickr/Kaiscapes.

Evoking an atmosphere of rejuvenation and serenity, the Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm sits on the slopes of Haleakala. With over 55,000 lavender plants, the Maui lavender farm has become a cultural landmark for both residents and visitors. At an elevation of 4,000 feet, the Ali’i Kula
Lavender Farm offers watercolor views of the Pacific Ocean extending towards the West Maui Mountains. Onsite, there is a lavender boutique showcasing lavender infused products available for purchase. The Maui lavender farm is a must for visitors who want to experience a tranquil and
relaxing atmosphere.

14) Maui Tropical Plantation

Waikapu landscape from the Maui Tropical Plantation

Waikapu landscape from the Maui Tropical Plantation

Located in Wailuku, the Maui Tropical Plantation offers one of the best farm tours on the island. Every Tuesday to Saturday, visitors can shop for locally grown organic produce by Kumu Farms. The plantation offers breath­taking mountainside views and an onsite restaurant called “ The Mill House.” The restaurant provides an authentic farm­to­table experience by using ingredients harvested directly from the farm.

15) Maui Ziplines

If you are ready to push your limits and see stunning Maui views from a new perspective, then this latest Hawaii craze is perfect for you. Wherever you are on the island, zip lining is the perfect mix of beauty and excitement. This is a fun activity to take your family and friends, and encounter the lush foliage and bird life of Maui. Maui’s trained zipline guides will make sure you have an entertaining and safe experience. Maui zip lining is a definite must for visitors looking for a new perspective of Maui and a thrilling adventure!