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Black Rock Beach

Kaanapali, HI 96761

(808) 464-0840

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On the West side of Maui, Black Rock is a geographic location that divides Ka`anapali beach in half. Also known as Pu`u Keka`a this is a large lava rock wh

Black Rock Beach Reviews Around the Web

  • qlv assoc · January 20, 2024

    A lava cliff extended to the ocean near the Sheraton that breaks the broadwalk along the coastline. A popular place for plunging down to the water. There is also beach area. High above cliff, there is a walkway led to fishing area. The cliff provides a paranomic view of the coastline. It is a best place to watch sunset.

  • Claire Pace · May 01, 2024

    OH. MY. GOSH. We had never snorkeled before, but WOW. The current is a little strong but pushes you back to the shore just as hard as it pulls you in. So many fish, so many turtles!

  • Katalina · October 14, 2023

    Great place to snorkel and cliff dive. We saw a ton of fish and 2 turtles while snorkeling. There is also a lot of white sand beach to set up in.

  • Heather Heaton · April 12, 2024

    Great place to swim, snorkel and jump off the rock! We had a great time here. Saw a few turtles!!

  • Jason Williams · June 06, 2022

    Very popular beach. Lost of people jumping off the Black Rock and snorkeling. The water here was super blue and warm. The only downside is trying to find parking, finding parking was a headache so we just walked a mile from our resort. This beach is a great one to check out while you’re in Maui.

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