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Kapalua Coastal Trail

99 Coconut Grove Ln, Lahaina, HI 96761


Kapalua Coastal Trail

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  • Alanha Cruz · July 27, 2023

    Beautiful trail, amazing views and lots to see. It took us about 2.5 hours to walk til the end and back to our car but we were taking our time stopping to take pictures and enjoy the breathtaking views. Plus I had an injury on my foot so had to go slower but I was determined not to skip the trail. It shouldn't take you more than 1.5 hrs to do it at a good pace. Parts of the trail are paved, then there's a portion that is sand and a couple of portions are rocky so wear sneakers! It would have been difficult to do with sandals or flip flops.

  • Nancy Meier · June 03, 2023

    Beautiful area. If you're a PGA fan, you'll appreciate driving through the golf grounds before reaching the trail.

    We have 3 kids under 8 (June 2023). The trail was easy and great up until the last stretch, where it felt somewhat dangerous for young children. The wide trail path became very narrow and rocky, with the ocean far below straight off the trail path. The maze is at the end of this narrowed path. If your kids are very coordinated, then maybe this isn't a concern. 2 of 3 of our kids are somewhat clumsy, so we turned around at the point the path narrowed. But it was also at that point when the views really opened up, and we were able to enjoy the magnificent unobstructed panoramic views.

    Also, the trail is in the midst of native sacred land. There are signs all along the trail explaining how this is sacred land, and warning people to stay on the trail. I honestly felt a spiritual vibe while on certain parts of the trail. The spiritual vibes weren't "scary" at all, but actually calming. There is definitely deep history and spirituality there.

  • tony villa · March 23, 2023

    An enjoyable short 1.75 mile out hike that takes you through a few hotel properties and along the coast line. Fun to stop and the rocks and see the waves crash over the top. Not stroller friendly or small kids might find the walk through the lava a challenge. Go early to find easy close parking or you’ll have to line the streets with cars.

  • Mitch Green · May 01, 2023

    This is a beautiful, hiking trail in Kapalua. When we stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, my wife and I would take this hike first thing every morning. Beautiful, coastal views, along beaches. Total of 1.7 miles, leading you to a beautiful beach, with good snorkeling and kayaking.

  • Lee Mac · April 20, 2023

    Hard to beat the views along this relatively easy hike. The first 1/2 mile or so is a paved walk. After that you are on a trail. There are a few rocky spots that require some care but overall it's pretty flat. The parking lot is small but there is ample (paid) parking at the golf course across the street. There is a nice beach at the start of the trail so bring your swimsuits to cool off afterwards.

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