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Leleiwi Overlook

Leleiwi Overlook Trail, Kula, HI 96790


Leleiwi Overlook Reviews Around the Web

  • qlv assoc · July 23, 2022

    For uphill visitors, the parking lot is on the right. Then cross the road, and take a short walk with clearly marked trail to get to the overlook. The trail also offers beautiful view of the landmark with layers of cloud. The overlook is at the end of the trail. Visible craters on the right, sometimes covered with thick white cloud. The scenery constantly changes between cloudy and sunny while providing breath-taking views of nature.

  • David Borger Germann · June 11, 2022

    A quick, fairly easy trail up to a gorgeous view of the crater. There's a large, sheltered viewing area which provides a much needed break from the sun, wind, and whatever else is showing its stuff. Parking is limited, but at 11 am on a Saturday, the lot was nearly empty.

  • Douglas Shin · August 03, 2022

    Stop by before you get to the top. You will see moving fast cloud. Fantastic view!

  • Zach Sousa · October 31, 2021

    This is a must see on your way down from Haleakala summit. Right by mile marker 17, park in the car park (there are about 10 spots). Walk across the street and follow the 5 minute trail out to the Leleiwi outlook. You get a different view of Haleakala crater than you do from the summit, a bit more lush and green and so worth it!

  • Lindsey Scheer · April 20, 2022

    A short walk to a beautiful view of the crater, a little rocky so decent shoes are a good idea, but the view is worth it & the wind break is nice while you watch the clouds form over the crater.