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Leleiwi Overlook

Leleiwi Overlook Trail, Kula, HI 96790


Leleiwi Overlook Reviews Around the Web

  • James Ward · May 19, 2023

    Definitely stop at this lookout on your way up the mountain. You're rewarded with an epic, meteorological marvel. At this lookout toy see a reversal of what normally happens in nature in a theatrical discography. Instead of seeing the clouds rise over the mountain, you see them attempt a dramatic and ferocious climb upwards, but the trade winds from above deny them an escape and instead pushes them into a valley.

    You'll see it go from an impenetrable fog to a gorgeous unveiling of clouds that give you a temporary peek into another world of dry, arid, rolling mountains.

    The walk is manageable for most everyone (unless you can't walk uneven surfaces or the equivalent of stairs).

  • William Higgins · March 27, 2023

    It's a great short hike, maybe 5-15 minutes depending on the person. It is however a great overlook of the crater and has a small, protected area with a couple of informative stands. It's a great place!

  • Anne Turney · March 15, 2023

    This trail was perfect for our 4 and 11 year old kids. It's not too long of a hike to the lookout point. It is a spectacular view of the crater and cinder cones. The ocean view was amazing as well. Make sure to wear good shoes and sunscreen. Don't let the cool temperatures trick you into think you can't get burnt.

  • N Wong · October 26, 2022

    Worth the brief stop to the summit. Short five minute walk and brings to you see a great view of the crater. Doesn’t seem like it when parking but the path wraps around. Plus there is a protected area if heavy wind.

  • qlv assoc · July 23, 2022

    For uphill visitors, the parking lot is on the right. Then cross the road, and take a short walk with clearly marked trail to get to the overlook. The trail also offers beautiful view of the landmark with layers of cloud. The overlook is at the end of the trail. Visible craters on the right, sometimes covered with thick white cloud. The scenery constantly changes between cloudy and sunny while providing breath-taking views of nature.