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Makaluapuna Point

Dragon's Teeth Access Trail, Lahaina, HI 96761


Makaluapuna Point Reviews Around the Web

  • Sathish Jayapal · April 04, 2024

    Stunning views all around. It was just named because of few big rocks shaped in form of teeth. Good place to visit around and couple of beaches on both sides which are at walkable distance. Or you can park at Fleming beach and walk to this place.

  • Kiariladyboss · February 15, 2024

    Incredible views, i would stay here looking at the waves all day. Amazing to che k out the rocks and the Kapalua Labyrinth and Dragon’s teeth hike. Located by the Ritz-Carlton property, no tickets needed, pretty easy hike

  • Timothy Parker · February 21, 2024

    What an amazing place! This is a spot you must visit! The dragon’s teeth are so cool! The water is so blue! We saw whales and leaping spinner dolphins. The little tidal pools were full of little fish. The labyrinth maze was silly but fun. Definitely don’t miss it!

  • Soumyaranjan Dash · July 09, 2023

    A viewing point on the West Maui where you get a wide angle view of the Pacific and it's blues. A light trail easy for beginners without any hassle of reservation and hustle. I'm in love with the view and ride. It's better if you reach there early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It's a completely open space with strong wind. if you love snorkeling IT is the SPOT that you're looking for. Turtles, fish, lobster and what not to see. Water is soo clean and blue you'll instantly fall in love. Crashing waves onto the cliffs is rather calming. You can sit on the beach nearby which is also not crowded at all. Overall it is a place which you can cover in 1-2 hrs. A top recommendation for sightseeing in Maui.

  • Garrett Klapproth · May 15, 2023

    A gorgeous shoreline with waves crashing against the cliffs with a mindfulness labyrinth to walk. We went at sunset and it was worth every minute of the walk down. There is a parking lot for parking your car if you drive.