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Manele Small Boat Harbor

Lanai City, HI 96763

(808) 559-0723

Welcome to Manele Harbor, the island of Lanai's Small Boat Harbor. nnThis is Lanai's main public harbor for catamaran cruise boats and the Maui-Lanai Ferry.nnKaumalapa'u Harbor north of Manele Bay is the main cargo harbor.

Manele Small Boat Harbor Reviews Around the Web

  • Sarah S · February 24, 2022

    It's cute; it would be great if there were a nice restaurant with water views that were open there. Is there one? Not sure what's on top but it's always "closed for event" so maybe someday I'll find out. Basically only there to grab a ferry.

  • Paul Bowen · December 29, 2022

    Bathrooms and an information kiosk is at the launch. The harbor can be quickly filled with Trinity sailboats during the day. If you are unable to arrange a ride to Lanai City, some locals make the trip several times a day for about $10/person.

    Harbor was clean and fewer people hangout there.

  • Alan · August 03, 2022

    We took the am Lana'i excursion with sail Trilogy excursions today (from Lahaina). Not only was thr ridr and sailing superb, the staff was all about service, all day. This is truly a world class professional company! They are at your becon call throughout the excursion, see to your every need, and as friendly and knowledgeable as any boat crew I've ever seen. These folks are the absolute best around! Thanks all!

  • Christian Page · August 07, 2022

    Amazing little harbor. Ther is also a great event space there. I believe you can rent from the tour company from Maui.

  • Jeff So · June 22, 2021

    Booked a trip with Trilogy for a day trip to Lanai. They are top notch with the tour with great service and food provided for the trip. They have their own pavilion at the Lanai's harbor for a great bbq cookout before heading back to Maui. They have their own section on the beach for chairs and mats provided and for snorkeling. Check them out!

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