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Manele Small Boat Harbor

Lanai City, HI 96763

(808) 559-0723

Welcome to Manele Harbor, the island of Lanai's Small Boat Harbor. nnThis is Lanai's main public harbor for catamaran cruise boats and the Maui-Lanai Ferry.nnKaumalapa'u Harbor north of Manele Bay is the main cargo harbor.

Manele Small Boat Harbor Reviews Around the Web

  • Ryan Davis · December 26, 2020

    Pretty awesome little place.

  • Michael · February 09, 2020

    This harbor is really beautiful and well maintained. It's way nicer than the Lahaina Harbor my ferry left from, which was surprising to me. For an island with only one city, this harbor is top of the line. I can only assume that is the case because of the expensive resorts on Lanai. Whatever the reason, it made my arrival to Lanai very pleasant.

  • Tso “Chucky Cheese” Pigu · December 21, 2019

    An excellent small boats harbor on the sea side for boats to dock and anchor and unload and reload.

    The harbor and the area are clean, organized, and well planned for visitors and travelors and boat riders and so on. Cars accessible and vans and bus accessible too.

    Has restrooms near by. Also clean enough for most public restrooms.

  • RH House · February 17, 2020

    Nice new facility. Wood bench to greet visitors when approaching harbour. . I thought it looked like a whale?

  • Dhiren Bhatt · December 19, 2019

    Perfect location of snorkeling. It has crystal clear and shallow waters with great Marin life. A must visit place for both ameture and professional snorkeler.

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