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Maui Boat Trips

101 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793

(808) 893-2105

06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
06:00 am - 8:00pm
* All Times in HST

Maui Boat Trips Reviews Around the Web

  • Caroline Brown · June 25, 2022

    This was an awful experience.
    I have been in many boat tours in the past and this was by far the worst. I can probably spend the day writing about all the things that were wrong.. but I will keep it simple. Weather was awful, trip should have been canceled, they wanted to get paid, so at everyone’s expense, proceeded forward into one of the most harrowing experiences of my life. Wreckless, irresponsible. Don’t do it! So many better tours out there, stay away from this tiny boat with heartless crew.

  • Lisa Heppler · May 29, 2022

    I would book another trip aboard the Leilani in a heartbeat! Don't expect the newest boat, fanciest lunch, or highest quality snorkeling equipment, but rather sit back and enjoy an incredible snorkeling adventure with a small group of guests and the best crew in Maui! Corky was so accommodating and patient when I called in a panic after our trip with another company was cancelled last minute. Nate, CJ, and Katie were incredibly kind and fun; they went out of their way to ensure everyone in our group (teenagers, adults, seniors) had a great time. Due to weather conditions, we unfortunately didn't see any turtles, but we still saw lots of cool fish, eels, sea urchins, and even a reef shark (don't worry, Nate will protect you)! I'm so glad an unexpected cancellation led us to the Leilani!

  • Ninar Nuemah · October 21, 2019

    They did a great job. Enjoyable crew, lots of floatation equipment, lifeguards on duty at each snorkeling location. We had fun and felt safe

  • Alexis Nottingham · May 03, 2018

    We had a great experience today on our Molokini tour. Captain CJ, Josh, and Sierra were all wonderful! Great spots to snorkel at and great vibes! 5/5 would recommend!

  • courtney Gurion · November 25, 2019

    If I could add stars I WOULD. CJ was amazing snd his crew Katie and Jesse were so friendly and attentive. I liked the smaller group which allowed us to talk with Captain CJ as he drove the boat and just enjoy every moment. Loved snorkeling with the fish and saw tons of turtles. Will only book with this group moving forward. Thank you for the family memories!!!!!