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300 Maalaea Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793

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Maui Dive Shop is Hawaii's largest diving retailer with seven stores all located on the island of Maui. We also offer diving and snorkeling trips on the island of Maui

Maui Dive Shop Reviews Around the Web

  • Jackson Roberts · September 10, 2021

    Great trip with an awesome crew! They were very accommodating and helpful. Molokini was a great reef to dive and turtle town lived up to its name! 10/10, we will be back with these guys next time we’re in Maui!

  • Yann Riche · February 19, 2021

    Did the Molokini crater inside and back wall dives. Trip was great. Fun knowledgeable and professional crew. Well organized. The dives were good, maybe a little short on surprises. Whale watching on the way there and back was a treat.

  • Andy Woodson · November 02, 2021

    Did the Molokini Crater dive with soon to be Captain Jack!

  • Kevin Smith · April 07, 2021

    I recently joined Maui Dive Shop's two-tank Molokini (front/back) boat trip. Overall, the trip was fun, and I was glad that I was able to experience the back wall of Molokini despite being a very newly-certified diver. My guide on this trip was fun and entertaining on the boat, and they gave us decent food, which was appreciated.

    Here are the couple things that kept me from giving it a fifth star, but again it was an overall fun thing to do. Just sharing for the sake of informing others:

    1. Underwater, I felt like my guide was less engaged, and less informative/helpful, than my guides on other dives during my stay. Not to some extreme, but noticeable. That may well be by design to some extent, as I know more experienced divers sometimes prefer that the guides leave them to do their own thing. But this did not feel like that sort of situation.

    2. Like I said, I am really new to diving and do not have a lot of experience with different operators. However, it was not lost on me that this shop supplied less air and sent us for safety stops much higher than the other shops. I did several dives during my stay with three different shops. The other two seemed to uniformly send people out with 3,000 psi and send people up with around 700 psi in 80 cf tanks. On both the front and back of Molokini, the best-case scenario for this trip was 2,700 starting psi -- some people were actually starting a bit below that. And we were sent up at 900 psi while the guide stayed down with one last local diver.

  • Oliver Schmidt · October 14, 2019

    I read a few reviews about changed dive sites announce at the boot/briefing, so I was a bit prepared, i booked a 2 Tank dive at Lanai Cathedral and I definitely would not change the diving location which I had booked for, that being Lanai.

    When I checked in at the harbor on the morning of the dive I asked the shop assistant how the chances are to go to Lanai on that morning, he replied that he thought it should not be a problem, there is no swell and the wind in the afternoon is going to look like every day at Maui.

    Once I was on board and the captain started with the briefing he told us that the chances for going to Lanai were awful. Once we were out of the harbor he could say for sure if we would make it. He also said the problem was not getting there, it was getting back safely that would be the problem as the sea would probably be choppy and a bit uncomfortable. In this case they would go to “Male Wharf and the “Carthaginian” and anyone only wanting to go to Lanai for the diving would be free to leave the boot and get a refund for the booked dive.

    Whether the weather was really so bad, or the reason being that we were so few divers as to make the trip worth- while I could not say. We were only 8 or 9 divers with a staff of 5. It doesn’t take any rocket science to work out that for such a long trip it would not be so profitable.

    The saddest thing for me is that I had to travel +7.000 miles to get to Maui and now I’m not able to see the Cathedrals. If MDS had informed me on the day/night before the trip I could have rescheduled and change my other activities on Maui to do the dive on a different day. Receiving the information on the morning of the dive at/on the boat is definitely too late.

    I can understand that dive shops live from getting customers to book their dive trips but I did expect to be informed in good time to be able to make the necessary changes. Especially as in this case where we were first informed on board that the diving sites had been completely changed.

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