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Nakalele Blowhole

Poelua Bay HI 96793, HI 96793


The name always strikes a bit of controversy but that should not stop you from having a feel of this amazing place. Nakalele Blowhole is located on the roa

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  • Stephanie Greer · January 28, 2020

    The hike down to the Nakalele Blowhole is very rugged, rough lava rock and is a little steep in some areas but it wasn't too difficult. It's definitely a good idea to wear sturdy hiking shoes. There are signs warning about getting too close to the blowhole but many still got very close. The scenery here is very beautiful and raw and it's worth stopping just to explore the area and look around even if you don't want to hike all the way down to the blowhole.

  • Chad Adkins · January 11, 2020

    Mind blowing views, a fun hike down to intense waves against the rocks. Blowhole is very powerful and the wind carries the water up the hill as well. Can be viewed from the top by the parking lot but really the view is best appreciated by hiking down, it can be dangerous for families so do whatever makes you comfortable. Really appreciates the ocean and all of its power.

  • James Wells · January 30, 2020

    This is a must see of Maui. The natural beauty of this place is amazing. The drive here is easy and relaxing, just drive slow so you can enjoy the wonderful sites along the road. The blowhole itself is wonderful. The hike down from the road is uneven and a little challenging for those who are mobile challenged. Once down by the blowhole be careful of your footing and enjoy the sites and sounds.

  • Gary Brandel · February 08, 2020

    Incredible views of the coastline, the blowhole can be powerful and is worth the hike down. I'd recommend a view from above first to see how active it is, the hike does not hand a well marked trail, it's more of a free for all and some spots can be slick if it's been raining. I wouldn't suggest getting closer than 100ft or so, unless you're prepared to get absolutely soaked (not to mention sucked in if you're really close)

  • Anna Zhu · January 12, 2020

    A very beautiful & majestic place however the day we went it was cloudy with the most wind I’ve ever felt in my life. Try to go on a calm day or else hold on tight to your stuff. Either way still worth a visit though!

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