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Nakalele Blowhole

Poelua Bay HI 96793, HI 96793


The name always strikes a bit of controversy but that should not stop you from having a feel of this amazing place. Nakalele Blowhole is located on the roa

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  • Steven Voytac · August 23, 2022

    A fun little 15-45 minute excursion while driving the beautiful coast. Wear your hiking shoes because it’s easy to roll an ankle on the hike down. The blowhole is something fun and different but don’t get too close, as the amount of suction that it creates can pull you in quicker than you think. Enjoy!

  • Twaveler O'Carnage · February 15, 2023

    It’s a great and wonderful place to see the power and beauty of the sea and waves, I only gave it 4 stars because the road and the trail are a bit treacherous. The road is narrow and curvy, and not everyone is patient, drive carefully and pull over for locals. Once you arrive, the trek down can be slick, rocky and requires you to traverse a pretty steep disorganized trail … wear good shoes.

    It’s beautiful, the coastline here is rugged and powerful, blowhole is exciting and makes a good show when the waves are big.

  • Tyson Sawin · June 01, 2023

    Parking was easy to get in and out of. The hike down to the blow hole wasn't bad, as long you wear some hiking shoes. I did it in slides (sandals) and made it down fine, but it would have been a ton better in shoes! Once you're down there, it is pretty cool. The blow hole wasn't super active when we were there, but it still had some great views of the ocean and sealife

  • Ryan Wijaya · October 27, 2022

    Great view! I would definitely be careful going down, it can be a pretty steep hike with some sharp rock, so wear close toed shoes. While the blowhole itself is the main treat, check out the view at the parking spot!

  • becca ibrowcandy · July 28, 2022

    Worth the stop to walk the 15 minutes or so to the blowhole. Don't get too close. There are plenty of rocks to sit on. It was neat to see how the salt had eaten away at the rocks nearby because of the salt. You can see how it looks like acid rain corroded them, but it is all from the salt.
    The blowhole erupts every couple minutes. We went around 445pm and saw gusts 20 feet high. There were also what looked like water cyclones shooting up. It was very cool!

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