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Beaches of Maui - Hookipa Beach Park

Posted May 16, 2019

NEW SERIES ALERT! In this new series we will be exploring Maui's beaches from coast to coast.

Today's beach is Ho'okipa Beach Park! Watch the video below to know more, and make sure to leave a like & a comment. 😎🏝❤️

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  • Ellie Wellington 5 months ago

    Both baby beaches please 😎

  • Judy Falcone 6 months ago

    Loved it , looked like so much fun.

  • kevin mueller 7 months ago

    My favorite part of this beach was just chilling by the tidepools, checking out the fun little creatures in them

  • Nat Lovell 7 months ago

    I would like to see Slaughterhouse beach next!

    kevin mueller 7 months ago

    yes! had a great afternoon there swimming with honu!!

  • Mark 8 months ago

    How about doing little beach on a Sunday evening. Actually it was a really cool experience.

  • Tina Strickland 8 months ago

    I have missed your videos. My Husband and I are coming to Maui July 1st. Love to meet you. Please put more videos up. I have watched all of them. You are amazing!

  • JessieCakes 8 months ago

    That grassy bluff to the side would be so fun to picnic at if it weren’t so windy up north! Beautiful beach, I’ll have to make a stop next time I’m in the area!

  • Chiseled In Time Photography Chad Hinz 8 months ago

    Hit up Napili bay next 👍

  • SF.DC 8 months ago

    Makena Little Beach, Kalani :)

    digitalgliff 8 months ago

    Only if you want him to stay a week in the hospital. Filming is a risky propasition.

    SF.DC 8 months ago

    @digitalgliff I was joking, and no .. no one will beat him up for filming the beach. have you ever been?

    digitalgliff 8 months ago

    @SF.DC it's a nude beach in case you didn't know. And it has happened before back in the day.

    SF.DC 8 months ago

    @digitalgliff I'm on Maui every three months of course I know! no one will do anything if you're not aiming to the people. you should go there and see it for yourself, at least go on a Sunday for the drum circle.

    SF.DC 8 months ago

    @digitalgliff have you been?

  • osmadchlo 8 months ago

    So much cinema! 🤙

  • Bryan Andrew Lee 8 months ago

    Just got back from Maui a week ago. 100% was hoping to bump into you. Lol. Your trips were a blessing. Mahalo.

  • jwoocrew 8 months ago

    Definitely a place to see turtles and seals. From a distance the turtles all looked like rocks until they moved. The particular seal that we saw was a female named RQ21.

  • Uncle AL 8 months ago

    Incredible monk seal filming. So rare... most dont realize what a moment you caught. Outstanding work

  • Susan Whipple 8 months ago

    We just got home from Maui 4 days ago and miss it already! We’ll be back soon!

  • WolfPack FanForEver 8 months ago

    Thank you for your awesome videos. I think of Maui everyday and pray my whole family can go there soon.

  • Kevin Shaw 8 months ago


  • robert olson 8 months ago

    Great video. Would like to see Big Beach.

  • biketothetop 8 months ago

    So professionally done! Great music, clear narration, and thorough review content.

  • Nate Walker 8 months ago

    Greatest turtle viewing on earth

  • Robert Crosby 8 months ago

    @alohastked, dont forget the coconut candy they sell, outrageously good stuff!!!

  • William Zoom 8 months ago

    Wild Maui Chickens would be a great band name!

  • riversdirect 8 months ago

    Nice vid. I'd actually like to see the pipiwai trail. There aren't very many good videos of that hike.

  • gRosh08 8 months ago

    As always...well done!

  • Sean Macy 8 months ago

    Shore break has been crazy in Lahaina this week

  • glen Decuir 8 months ago

    Thumbs up bro

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