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Best Maui Hikes : Iao Valley ( I hid something there for you )

Posted October 24, 2019

*Warning* Hiking at ʻIao Valley can be extremely dangerous and flash floods can happen without warning, and at any moment. The rocky riverbed is also very slippery and twisted ankles are common injuries while trying to navigate the ever changing terrain. I DO NOT recommend hiking here alone. Always have a friend with you.

Hope you enjoy the spectacular beauty of ʻIao Valley and the absolute peace and serenity it is known for.

Things to bring with you on your adventure : Hiking Shoes with good ankle support, organic mosquito repellent, 2 liters of water per person, travel sized first aid, cell phone with full battery, and preferably letting loved ones know youʻre planning on hiking this valley.

Have fun and hope you find the Rainbow Sunnies! Please watch till end to find out where they are!
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Much love for watching & sharing, and Iʻll catch ya on the flip side!

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  • danefog 1 month ago

    So cool! Love Iao Valley. 💚 I have been subscribed for a while and love your videos. Appreciated the shout outs in a few of your live videos. Would love to meet you in January when we come back if it worked out? 🤙🏻

  • Brent Lawrence 2 months ago

    I just ran into you last week in Maui Bro! We were sittin with our Sparkly Road glide at the entrance of the secret waterfall (milepost 9.5 ish) when you rolled up. That place is where I proposed to my wife 2 years ago thanks to your videos here. So cool to see you doing your thang, and to meet you in person Kilani. I was telling my friends when I got back that I met one of my favorite youtube stars! Wahoo!

  • David Philion 2 months ago

    Loves your videos. We have two more days on Maui.

  • thecpluseless 2 months ago

    Love everything about your uploads. But Yodi is easily my favorite part.

  • Conscious Awakening 2 months ago

    Just landed in maui rad perhaps I will see u out in Lahaina on Halloween cool channel

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago

    oh yes! will post on insta and facebook as to where Iʻll be!! wooooot!

  • scoobygms210 3 months ago

    Brother we miss you ! Here on the tubes hope all is well your still an amazing filmer and editor

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago

    more viddyʻs comin soon! thanks for watching!

  • Gilbert Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Really enjoyed the video , great work !! Presentation was amazing , mahalo

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago

    much love!

  • hemidesign 3 months ago

    new girlfriend buddy?.. She's cute! Good for you..

  • Diver M 3 months ago

    You ever had a bad day at work. Go Alohastoked.

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago

    much love!

  • whatthefuk4 3 months ago

    Is channel is awesome. It got me excited about Maui. I've been back five times and even been to these Falls and I learn something new every video. See you soon Maui! I plan to come find me some rainbow Sunny's

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago

    oh yes!!

  • flybyed 3 months ago

    Just came back from the secret waterfall in Twin Falls. Thank you for your videos, it has made our Maui trip unforgettable.

    ALOHASTOKED 2 months ago


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