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Best Snorkeling Maui - Honolua Bay

Posted January 15, 2016

Honolua Bay :
Mile Marker: #32 Honoapi’ilani Hwy "HWY 30"
GPS Coordinates: 21.011896,-156.636854

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Address: Honolua Bay, Maui, HI

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  • KaoV1983 1 year ago

    Yes, this is one of the best snorkel spots on that side of the island. Tons of sea life in a protected bay.

    Also this spot is popular for paid snorkel tours that come into the bay on boats. But you can easily get here for free.

  • Phil M 1 year ago

    End of June 2018 closed due to numerous sharks. May be open now. October is big for sharks here. But in late June a bunch of fish died off for some reason and attracted too many sharks.

  • Tom Spurlock 1 year ago

    Glad you didn't hit that telephone wire that stretches across Honolua Bay about 100' up. I came close last year. Absolutely a bucket list snorkel location.

  • Alex Kim 2 years ago

    what i appreciate about your POV is giving more context around the layout of these spots. keep up the awesome work. Subscribed!

  • criscamila 2 years ago

    This place is amazing we miss it ,you see wild chicken 😍

  • Misael David 3 years ago

    i will be in Maui int the end of January. I will be staying in Kehie, any closer "best" spot for snorkeling in the area im staying in? it looks like im pretty far away from Honolua Bay.

    Jay Poindexter 3 years ago

    Make trips to several beaches in an area on one morning. Just get up early and go for it. Honolua Bay is really good to go to first before crowds come in. Near there is another great beach called Kapalua Bay. At both places snorkel the right hand side first and then swim across the bay over to the left hand side. Get a copy of Maui Revealed for a lot of good tips for both of these places and many others. Airport Beach just north of Black Rock at Kaanapali is good too and has a parking lot that is free. We did not go to Makena or Kihei on our trip there. The Maui Revealed book will give you places to go there. One place near you is called La Perrouse bay, and you can swim with dolphins each morning. Bring good hiking boots for walking into these places. No flip flops.

    Misael David 3 years ago

    Hokie Jay awesome tip! I just looked it up!thanks!

  • Ashley Steves 3 years ago

    Prince, we are in Maui later this week, what is your favourite hike?

  • Khristiana Stone 3 years ago

    We're heading there right now!

    ALOHASTOKED 3 years ago


  • jylp4u 4 years ago

    You've got mad skillz bro!

  • cash storeone 4 years ago

    Have not had the pleasure of snorkeling there as of yet. I have visited the area a couple of times. I usually do my snorkeling in the Kihei area, but want to do this. Next time I come out it will be first on my list. Use to go to La Perouse Bay, but they have banned snorkeling there. I loved that area.

  • OtisENGINEuity 4 years ago

    what is with the random chickens... I am keeping my inner Ed in check.
    YOu need like a 6 foot pole attached to the bottom of your drone that you could put a waterproof gopro on to get some underwater pics.. or maybe a remote control submarine thingy and link the camera to your phone so you can see where it's going.

  • bigbear 350 4 years ago

    wow .. what a beautiful place . I would love to live there for sure

  • gncc1race 4 years ago

    I love Honolua... When I was there in Nov to ride with Mike, I drove up past Kapalua just to take in the scenery. Got some beautiful sunset shots of Honolua and Molule'ia (Slaughterhouse) beyond. Gorgeous! I've always loved that area up there.
    Great video KP, again top notch professional quality. Thank you!

  • Kevvas 4 years ago

    Can we buy that shirt somewhere Mr. Kalani? ;)

  • Toyota Trucks Built for Overlanding 4 years ago

    Amazing, love this channel! Keep the great videos coming.

  • BSMotoVlogs 4 years ago

    Nice drone work Mr.Prince

  • dahveed284 4 years ago

    What drone are you using and how does it handle those stiff tradewinds?

    Great video. We prefer the beach next door in the same area. The one with the stairs. Nice biggie boarding there.

  • Bayou Chilehead 4 years ago

    Much good viewage!!!!

  • MrDuhfactor 4 years ago

    That place is stunning...... wow....

  • Colton Schorsch 4 years ago

    Can't wait to get back to Maui in June, love snorkeling there as well as the dumps.

  • mrsparkyaprilia 4 years ago

    Truly breathtaking!! I have to visit at some point! Don't know when...... but I've got to make it happen! cheers bro

  • Not an active account 4 years ago

    We're definitely doing this on our honeymoon this year :)

    This channel represents most of my research on things to do in Hawaii :p

  • Muteki Videos 4 years ago

    Looking forward to come visit Hawaii, Kalani Prince! Thanks for the videos and can't wait to see Athena back!
    Aloha from Rome, Italy

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