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Best free things to do on Maui - Magical Makawao Forest (Mountain Biking Adventure)

Posted August 04, 2016

There are tons of fun free activities and things to do on Maui. Welcome to the Makawao Forest Reserve. A great place for mountain biking, hiking, or horseback riding. In this video we opted for the MOUNTAIN BIKES! BOOM. Hope you enjoy the video.

Local Maui Man Kalani Prince takes you on an adventure away from the resort towns of Kaanapali and Wailea up into the Makawao Forest Reserve. On the slopes of Haleakala lies the forest reserve which offers miles of hiking and biking trails. Watch as Kalani and friends bike through the trees and show you around the reserve finishing the journey on the Kahakapao Loop Trail.
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  • Thunderbolt 9 months ago

    I like watching videos make by people on crack and meth.Your all amped up !!! Love it

  • maximilian scurr 2 years ago

    What.. Wait I know this voice and its Kalani... what haha
    Damn man I searched for mtb maui and here you are, nice :)

  • William Travis 3 years ago

    Kids had a blast...even that big kid...Kalani!

  • iChing 3 years ago

    love watching your channel

  • Matthew Duffy 3 years ago

    Hey! My family and I are movie to Maui on the 31st! we are super excited and I wanted to ask where the best place to get connected with active people would be. We really want to explore the island and see what all Maui has to offer. Does anyone have any advice for meeting people?

  • glen Decuir 3 years ago

    looks like a wonderful time for everyone

  • Queenslander 3 years ago

    WTF happened to all the motorbike vids? It's like 'Tourism Hawaii' now .. not happy Mortimer.

    OFFONE 3 years ago

    He will soon be forced into more AB motovlogs...I have very persuasive ways.

  • Sum4Seb 3 years ago

    Great video! Those are the moments worth savouring and they make for great memories! T4S

  • TD 3 years ago

    Maui definitely on my bucket list. Top position brah!!!

  • dahveed284 3 years ago

    The trail videos remind me of your motorcycle vlogs.

  • OtisENGINEuity 3 years ago

    oi who's squeaking bike is that? brakes? the high pitched chirp is killing my ears. lol random peach tree.. I just had to pick peaches off our tree for a week in early july... got over 1100 off one tree.

  • Nithol 3 years ago

    Really cool place, was cool to see Makena too! :D

  • Jawn Amigo 3 years ago

    It's awesome that more people are recognizing Aloha Stoked.

  • tiffanysd925 3 years ago

    u can tell the kids are excited bcuz they are talking so fast and yelling super loud! LOL so funny, and what a great adventure for them as bros and family/ boys day!

  • tiffanysd925 3 years ago

    YAY!!!! New videos from you always make my day!!! <3

  • Sirch One 3 years ago

    looks awesome ... definitely getting a bike next time I'm in Maui.

    tiffanysd925 3 years ago

    Me too!

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