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Crazy Blowhole on Maui

Posted November 04, 2015

Aloha Guys! In this video, I take you to the West side of Maui to visit the Nakalele Blowhole and it is going off!

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A Hui Ho! (till we meet again)

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  • Jimmy Chang 1 year ago

    Thanks for the video. Going tomorrow!

  • Dave Sturdy 1 year ago

    Woweee!! I’m there August 2018! Great vid! Yogi has no fear! He Rawks!

  • John O'Donnell 2 years ago

    Master Yodi yawning at the end of the clip with that fat spray in the background was epic!!

  • Ridhi 1904 2 years ago

    Just came back from Maui...regretting I didnt know about you channel earlier :(

  • Mauibabe08 3 years ago

    AWESOME VIDEO!!! GO YODI!! We are SO checking that out!! Mahalo~

  • alex gon 3 years ago

    Always love your videos thank you....

  • Not an active account 4 years ago

    I'm going to visit Hawaii for my honeymoon this year, Is there any way to get in touch with you to discuss something for it?

  • IDontAShitGive 4 years ago

    Hey bruddah! I just uploaded my first dirt biking video. If you could check it out and perhaps give me some feedback it would be much appreciated.

  • Charles צ'ארלס 4 years ago

    What's that beautiful ukulele whistle music 0_o

  • Aaron Graham 4 years ago

    Love your videos! Your positive vibes are really helping me out in these hard times
    Hope to see some more!

  • Kevin Shea 4 years ago

    Coming to Maui in T Minus 10 days! Hope to see you over there!

  • EnderNasworthy 4 years ago

    I love what you're doing with this channel!

  • MrDuhfactor 4 years ago

    Name that movie..."Right in the bwo-hoe"!!!!!!! Ah man, I just ruined the awesomeness of this video..... Now, go watch Norbit...... lol

  • MrProjekts 4 years ago

    Just realized Master Yodi has a better life than i do! Beautiful!

  • Quentin 4 years ago

    Love your vids! Went to Hawaii (Maui,Kauai,Oahu,Big Island) last month,loved it! These vids make me wanna go back so bad! Actually I went there because your vids inspired me (your AccidentalBroadcast in particular). I thank you for that! One day I will come back. Keep making these vids! :)

  • Laurie Nash 4 years ago

    Just discovered your channel a couple of days ago, which is perfect because we will be in Maui in a few weeks! Love your videos. Mahalo!

  • ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    Thanks for watching guys!

    brad b 4 years ago

    I miss Athena : (

    troydiamond 4 years ago

    +ALOHASTOKED thanks for sharing man!

    Forcefulyeti 2 years ago

    ALOHASTOKED romanatwood was there

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