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Destination Makena - by @alohastoked

Posted February 03, 2016

Makena beach is a beach of many names. It is also referred to as "Big Beach", "Bigs", or the traditional Hawaiian name : Oneloa Beach. This beach is located on Maui's Southern end, past all of the hotels in Wailea. Just keep driving, just keep driving!

*Warning : The Shore Break at this beach during the summer months can be extremely dangerous. Broken backs, necks, collar bones, and wrists are commonplace here. A few tips : Never turn your back to the sea while visiting this beach. I have seen many a tourist become a tumbleweed of sand and screams while trying to get a cool photo near the shore break. If the waves feel too big. Don't go out in the water. The locals make it look easy but trust us, this is not the shore break to play in when the summer surf is up.

Thankfully, Makena beach now has 3 fully staffed lifeguard stands during park hours (6am-6pm). Be safe, and enjoy one of Maui's most beautiful beaches.

Pro Tip : wear a rash guard instead of sunscreen if you can. Sunscreen isn't helping the delicate reef systems in Hawaii and the less of it we have, the better. If you must wear sunscreen, try to go as organic as you can, and wait 20 min before you enter the ocean!

*Eh, and no forget to take all the trash out, that you take in : )
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A Hui Hou! (till we meet again)

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  • Aura Glasswerks 3 months ago

    Google this🖕🏽

  • Makena Clark 7 months ago

    So hey guys and might I think this sounds weird but my name is makena and is spelled the same way

  • Michaelangelo Colon 10 months ago

    Just ran into your channel brotha and I’m glad I did 🤙🏼 They’re made well and when I watch them I feel like I’m there. In my line Of work 911/EMT in NYC you know it can get a bit crazy 😜 so this is a great stress reliever Mahalo ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  • SF.DC 1 year ago

    I love little beach!

  • Borderlands808 1 year ago

    They got rid of the showers because homeless people started living/camping down there, making mess and stinking up the whole place by shitting everywhere in the bushes/trees.

  • Dave Sturdy 1 year ago


  • Anita Anita 1 year ago

    So beautiful and great editing. Your dog’s awesome! I giggled when you found the goggles 😁

  • Eddie Blackford 2 years ago

    Little Beach is better, just go early to avoid the nudists

  • Red Mouse 2 years ago

    Wow! I have been vacationing in maui over the years, I was starting to lose the thrill of it- until now! Travel guide books are nothing compared to how a local describes a location. This is the first time I'm bringing people to see the place first time---you got,even me, excited! Thank you so much.

  • Stevie Wander 3 years ago

    Aloha brudah,  best tip was using your slippers as a launch pad for your phantom.
    I'll use that, Mahalo!

  • MarkoSpin 3 years ago

    Great videos. I'll be in Maui for the first time over Christmas and New Years and I find your videos very informative. Greetings from Slovenia

  • Linda Lawrence 3 years ago

    I moved back to madland 16 years ago....miss my maui home! Would u please show Paluea beach...near Mekena beach. Sure its not as pristine as it was, but curious to see .....mahalo nui loa!!!!

  • JessicaAloha TV 3 years ago

    You should have more subscribers!!! Your channel is amazing!!!! :)

  • MrDuhfactor 4 years ago


  • Brian Wood 4 years ago

    Don't be shy about Little Beach! I'll save everyone the effort of googling it... It's [unofficially] clothing optional! Absolutely a great place to be a bit before sundown as the drum circles start up and the locals come out to play...

  • The Traveling Together Journal 4 years ago

    dude, let's get a beer. I feel like your just a couple steeps ahead of us, and better at it. we are only making the episodes that we have made for practice for our overlanding Mexico and the lower Americas.

  • brad b 4 years ago

    1:49 crf 250l , or chinese junk ?? : )

  • svein andreas 4 years ago

    Have you given up on AccidentalBroadcast?

  • Bayou Chilehead 4 years ago

    That's an awesome looking beach!! Really like the drone view!!

  • Protect Ya Neck 4 years ago

    Beautiful work as always AB. What drone are you using man?

  • gncc1race 4 years ago

    Oh man... (heavy sigh) I so totally love Oneloa. It's one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Those were some amazing drone shots KP! You got the eye, brah. And you got the island. Maui she is so beautiful!

    My young daughter, who has spent quite of bit of time in the islands, has had Maui on the brain this week! "When can we go again?" "Can we go next month?" "Can we go, when can we go?!" Poor kid's gotta wait until summer so she doesn't miss school!

    ...I burned the pads of my feet there at Big Beach once! Arriving in the morning, I was stupid enough to leave da slippahs in the jeep. After a few hours of snorkeling and playing in the surf, we went to leave. As soon as my bare feet hit that deep, soft hot sand up from the water, I knew I was in trouble! I ran as fast as I could (does one actually run in sand?) to the trees, hopping from shadow to shadow. I had blisters on the bottom of my feet before I even got to the parking lot. I knew better than to walk on the pavement, and had my lady grab the jeep and swing around to pick me up. Nevah again brah! Ahways remembah to weah da slippahs!

  • Charles צ'ארלס 4 years ago

    Do an editing video please :D

  • Frankfactor 2 4 years ago

    Thanks for taking me home Kalani. It's been five years since I lived on Maui and it seems like just yesterday I was night fishing Makena with my friends drinking some beers. God, some days I really miss home. Today is one of those days.

  • Toyota Trucks Built for Overlanding 4 years ago

    Amazing footage. One of my fav channels on YouTube right now.

  • DeliriumCS 4 years ago

    Am i the only one who misses AB?

    Joseph Arreygue 4 years ago

    Heeeeeellllllll noooo. Kalani is amongst the best.

  • BSMotoVlogs 4 years ago

    WAIT WHAT you have ads in your videos now .. bruh ;; why betray us like this

    Frankfactor 2 4 years ago

    If he's got ads I say good. Da Braddah should make money off of his effort. For reals, have some patience and enjoy Kalani's work.

    Joseph Arreygue 4 years ago

    Yeah, I think most people wouldn't mind at all. People need to make source of income, this is a great channel, and advertising doesn't hurt anybody. It was very brief.

    Kelmi 4 years ago

    10 seconds of an ad without an annoying person trying to sell me something is not too bad

    BSMotoVlogs 4 years ago

    i was just cracking a joke guys :) i dont really care if theres ads or not

  • fisherdoug 4 years ago

    Whats up

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