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Family Fun at Makena Beach (Big Waves)

Posted July 16, 2019

VLOG: Family Fun day at Makena Beach (Big Waves)! 🐶🤩🌊🌴

Mahalo to Sail Maui - Performance Sailing for supporting Aloha Stoked and bringing you todays video!

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  • Crashin Quails 2 months ago

    My parents named me after this beach

  • diamond seeker :3 3 months ago

    i love that place cuz its so fantastic i love the waves and clear water of the ocean i also love it too cuz it has my name :3

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    Much love!, thanks for watching!

  • andrew crocher 4 months ago

    I got cremed at big beach last year ... Right in the back of the neck stiff neck for days. Be careful don't turn your back on them lol!!

  • Margo Cross 6 months ago

    Im in the airport waiting for our flight from Denver to Maui.
    Hope to see you there!

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago


  • Maui Kauai 6 months ago

    Annual Maui vacation in 5 weeks can not wait,

  • Sum4Seb 6 months ago

    Perfect day!

  • Dee Soso 6 months ago

    Have to add wave chicken to my next Maui trip.

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    oh yes!

  • on the rocks entertainment 6 months ago

    Wave chicken watch it go viral like the floor is lava 👍

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    hehe, that would be nice :)

  • John Chang 6 months ago

    where have you been? please upload more maui videos

  • William Zoom 6 months ago

    I sense some animosity between Yodi & the new dog!

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    haha, no doubt!

  • Diver M 6 months ago

    Awesome, One of these years I'm going to run into you on vacation.

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    just buzz me on insta when youʻre here! @alohastoked

  • Richard Goddard 6 months ago

    40th birthday in May 2019, Makena was my first time in the ocean. I got destroyed, shorts filled with sand. I loved it!!

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    Success! : )

  • neehooya 6 months ago

    Great v-log, mahalo! Was there a couple of weeks ago and had amazing time boogie boarding, waves were great! It’s not a beach for beginners that’s for sure, the short wave breaks and rips can get you in trouble if you don’t respect the ocean! Makena no ka oi!

  • Davidbruce Gammie 6 months ago

    Great vid! We land back on October 9th. Staying in Kihei across from Kam 2, nice and close to Big Beach as well. Literally counting down the days. Your vids keep us going, dude.

  • glen Decuir 6 months ago

    Aloha good boy Yodi

  • Nat Lovell 6 months ago

    Yes! Love your vids and miss Maui

  • doubleiris 6 months ago

    Been all over the beaches by Kaanapali. Getting married in Makena in February, can't wait to check that beach out!

  • 69Camaro 6 months ago

    Nice! 👍

  • hemidesign 6 months ago

    The best beach on Hawaii.. the Big Beach in Makena.. thanks for sharing my MAN!!!

    Margo Cross 6 months ago

    I still agree, even though Kaanapali is the highest rated. Makena is great!

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    thanks for watching!

  • John O'Donnell 6 months ago

    That new dog likes you.
    Yode seems chill. 👍

    ALOHASTOKED 3 months ago

    heʻs a good boy!

    John O'Donnell 3 months ago

    I grew up in Los Angeles and moved to Maui in April of 1990, having never been there before. The day after I landed in Kahului, I was brought to Makena Beach, Big Beach. I took a peek over on the other side, (Little Beach).
    I moved back to the mainland in August 1994 and visited Maui the two summers after, in '95 and '96.
    I haven't been back since, but Lord willing, I will one day move back there.
    Your videos are some of the very best!!! Everybody knows that.
    Thank you for sharing your life and the Aloha.

  • John O'Donnell 6 months ago

    1st !!! :-)

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