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Hiking the Keanae Arboretum

Posted April 02, 2019

Today's vlog features the Keanae Arboretum and hiking to a secret Maui waterfall. 🤩🍃🌿

Iʻd recommend NOT doing it alone as you could injure yourself on the slippery rocks. BUT if you are feeling adventurous, you will be surprised at the end by a super pretty waterfall!

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  • Shane Jorgenson 9 months ago

    No owl, but beauty waterfall. Liked the surfer tune too!

  • Brina Healy 9 months ago

    Love your work Kalani :) :)

  • Happy Maui 9 months ago

    Nice, epic hike. Alooooooooohaaaaa :)

  • Picassai 9 months ago

    The Writers House (Young Community Remix) - Martin Hall feat. Julia Holmström

  • Valecia Powers 9 months ago

    Oh My what another beautiful hike! That is going on my "While I Am Alive List" Thanks and may the three of you be blessed.

  • Kendall Broussard 9 months ago

    great subscriber here

  • Kevin Medina 9 months ago

    what harness do you have on yodi?

  • David 9 months ago

    what song is that at the end?

  • Derrick Andrade 9 months ago

    I love the hikes. Keep treakin and keep sharing. Mahalo!

  • Keegan Bradford 9 months ago

    Your videos are the best brah. Can't wait to come see the island in a few weeks. It's been a year, too long. Keep on doing what you do. Your videos keep that Maui spirit in me while I'm mainland 🤙 yay owls

  • biketothetop 9 months ago

    I took Jordan's Z125 to the arboretum when I rented it about 2 years ago, but a tree had fallen across the pavement so I had to turnaround!

  • Guido Congetti 9 months ago

    I had to hit the like button 3 times , long time sub ....hard to believe you only have 10k subs

  • William Zoom 9 months ago

    No Hawaiian Owls but a go anywhere pack dog has been captured on video :)

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