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How to Take Daytime Long Exposure Photos: Maui Edition

Posted January 09, 2019

How to Take Daytime Long Exposure Photos: Maui Edition

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  • holyddong 6 months ago

    Awesome useful videos man! Will definitely be trying it out in Maui!

  • Mark 11 months ago

    Awesome shots! Looking forward to doing this in May when we come. I may have to hits some of these spots up. I have a 10 stop filter that I used on the coast of Maine.

  • OneNGlen 11 months ago

    Great video! This will be out third year in a row traveling to Maui. Love it!

  • radarbrew 11 months ago

    Wayyyyy too technical, but I loved the pictures!

  • CUATDSNY 11 months ago

    What gorgeous photos! We bought an SLR and still learning about it. I LOVE your photos and I'm happy you took the time to make this vid and share it :) We're coming in the fall and staying on the Big Island, any suggestions for video channels, someone like you? Thanks!

  • Boost And Bpm 1 year ago

    I bought one of these for my sx60 a couple years ago, and holy crap I've been missing out. Love my ND filter :)

  • John O'Donnell 1 year ago

    For those of us who long to be there, but are unable to at the current time because of various reasons, your video clips help a lot.

  • Darrell Rackley 1 year ago

    WOW - thank you for sharing that

  • Diver M 1 year ago

    Would this work with a polarized filter?

  • Diver M 1 year ago

    Thanks Dude always good to see you.

  • Bianka Antwanette 1 year ago

    I was at the island for only 3 days and I can say it wasn’t enough 😭 planning a trip for the end of this year or early next year 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Kevin Cantrell 1 year ago

    I have NO clue why, but at: there is a little dot to the right of your sun glasses and it is not moving smooth through the air, yet you are moving smooth... I can't help but watch it....

  • I am the Bobs 1 year ago

    How’s the van project coming?

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Robert Lefebvre still at 60% completion. Ran out of $ for it but it’ll get done someday :)

  • William Zoom 1 year ago


    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    William Zoom thanks for watching Will!

  • Dave The Serious 1 year ago

    Perfect! Coming to the island next week to explore and shoot. Thanks bro.

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    MotoDave nice! Hit me up when you’re here!

    Dave The Serious 1 year ago

    @ALOHASTOKED for sure bro. Renting a dual sport from your dude on the island! He actually referred me to your channel. Good stuff man!

  • InsanicMironic 1 year ago

    Kalani, when is the next AccidentaBroadcast viddy

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    InsanicMironic that’s a good question :)

    Clickmaster5k 1 year ago

    @ALOHASTOKED Did you quit riding?

  • Sirch One 1 year ago

    Can you do it with a phone camera?

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Sirch One Yes, so long as the phone has a case with a threaded adapter you can secure an ND filter on, and manual exposure settings. Your goal is to get at least 2 seconds of exposure time so the water becomes dreamy :) PS: you will also need a tripod!

  • Rey Rangel 1 year ago

    🤙🏾🤙🏾 Maholo for the quick beautiful educational video.

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Rey Rangel Mahalos for watching Rey!

  • Filipina Desert Gardener 1 year ago

    So beautiful 😍

    ALOHASTOKED 1 year ago

    Filipina Desert Gardener thanks for watching!

    Filipina Desert Gardener 1 year ago

    ALOHASTOKED np I used to live napili I love Maui. I come back every year

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