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Maui HELICOPTER TOUR! - Powered by Sunshine Helicopters

Posted September 18, 2015

Special thanks to Sunshine Helicopters for making this video possible! Be sure to check them out if you're on Maui! - They also do Heli tours on Oahu, the Big Island, and Kauai! Oh yes!

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Episode 4 - The Best Beaches on Maui | Makena & Kaanapali
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A Hui Ho! (till we meet again)

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  • Tammy Sprague 1 year ago

    I have taken that tour before. It was fantastic. We also went up to to the crater as well.

  • Valery Lucky 3 years ago

    Anyone knows the name of this beautiful melody ?

  • Dust 3 years ago

    3:25 I can see my house from there!!!!

  • Darrell Rackley 4 years ago

    How long was the tour?

  • Kevin Schijven 4 years ago

    Love it !

  • Millograms 4 years ago

    Incredible footage Kalani!

  • Sum4Seb 4 years ago

    We are really enjoying the content you've been putting out on Maui :) Absolutely amazing cinematography! Waterfall heaven, nice to see your homeland from a different view. Keep up the great videos and it's great to see you smiling again T4S

  • JarnoVh 4 years ago

    Dude i missed your video's so much i hope i can watch your video's daily again! love both your channels! hope you don't leave again because i hate looking at your channel and not finding a new video

  • rebelyell22 4 years ago

    I flew with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters on the Big Island. Awesome seeing all the waterfalls

  • Hoaky61 4 years ago

    Beautiful camera work as always AB

  • jylp4u 4 years ago

    I've never been in the air before, but that looks like a ton of fun! Lol at first I misread the title and thought there would be helicopters powered by sunshine.

  • ScottyToGo 4 years ago

    Doooooooood that was such an awesome capture near the end! With that guy jumping into the ocean and all. Perfect timing being there. :)

  • KTM4LYFE 4 years ago

    Soon as i seen the title, all i could think of was Kamekona's Heli Tours from Hawaii Five-O! Hahahahaaa

  • b dub 4 years ago

    awesome video AB. them cinemas from the heli are A+++. great quality and amazing content, loving this channel. keep em coming

  • Joseph Halliday 4 years ago

    OK... Going to Maui just joined the other stuff on my bucket list.

  • R Reynda 4 years ago

    not sure if maui or isla nublar from jurassic park haha. nice work mr.K!

  • M750 4 years ago

    Awesome footage!! By air is definitely one of the best ways to see the Islands. Totally different perspective!

  • Kyle Boaz 4 years ago

    Awesome work Kalani, beautiful shots of the islands!

  • Bayou Chilehead 4 years ago

    Supreme Awesomeness!! The footage was Beautiful to say the least!! Must have more!!

  • BSMotoVlogs 4 years ago

    where the HAWX?

  • Bikes & Drones 4 years ago

    Great to see you winning again. Welcome back. I work offshore and have been on more helicopter flights than I can count. I only enjoyed half of them. The ones flying back to "the beach".

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +Bikes & Drones haha, awesome!

  • gncc1race 4 years ago

    Awesome! That was absolutely beautiful. ...In all the years I've been going to the islands, I've never done a helicopter tour. Not afraid to fly, it's just so much money! Oofdah. But it is stunning and it's on my bucket list. Thank you for sharing KP!
    ...I may be checking off another bucket list item soon; a dirt bike tour with Mr. Mike and hopefully ++AB! Working on it now...

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +gncc1race Awesome! Don't forget to sign up for the Treasure Chest Giveaway as well. There just might be a free Heli Tour in the chest : ) Shhhhh, it's TOP SECRET though!

    gncc1race 4 years ago

    +ALOHASTOKED I'm signed up already!

  • IncogInfidel 4 years ago

    First love the video's. Maybe change the background (intro)music since this is a different channel.

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +IncogInfidel : )

  • Consuela Skinnorr 4 years ago

    I hope you don't mind me asking but what is happening with the Accidental Broadcast channel?

    I know you got in an accident. Hopefully you find a place to get that surgery to fix your arm.

    Love you bro 👊🏼

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +Consuela Skinnorr Just uploaded 2 new viddy's there! When I ride, I will record and upload : ) This channel is all about this beautiful jungle on foot!

    Consuela Skinnorr 4 years ago

    +ALOHASTOKED The new videos look absolutely amazing!

    I've never had a reason to dislike any of your videos. Keep up the incredible work! :)

  • Cutthroat Bill 4 years ago

    So, was it fun being in the helicopter? I've never been, but I'd love to give it a try sometime. The shots you got was flippin' beautiful, by the way!

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +Cutthroat Bill Yes, it was amazing and strange for my brain to process! haha, I can't wait to do it again..

  • osmadchlo 4 years ago

    So much cinema! Beautiful...

    ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    +osmadchlo Thanks for watching!

  • ALOHASTOKED 4 years ago

    What's happening guys! Thanks for watching me fly around maui via Helicopter! Leave a comment below. Have you ever been on a Helicopter or want to?

    Stokage Coming Soon!

    A hui ho! (till we meet again)

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