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Whale Song - Humbacks in Hawaii

Posted February 09, 2016

New Aloha Stoked​ Vlog!

I have been captivated by the humpback whales and their long treks to our Hawaiian Islands ever since I was a kid. Once hunted, to the brink of extinction, these gentle giants are now a protected part of our amazing marine system. A few fun facts about the Humpback Whale :

- A fully grown Humpback can reach 39-52ft in length and weigh up to 79,000lbs!
- Humpbacks only feed in the summer, that's right, while in Hawaii, they fast and live off fat reserves!
- Their song is unmistakeable and males will sing complex songs lasting 10 to 20 minutes on repeat!
- Courtship happens in the winter (while here in Hawaii) so beware if trying to swim with them. Although, gentle creatures, you wouldn't want to get accidentally tagged by a monsterous tail, or pectoral fin!
- The business of "Whale Watching" brings in nearly 20 million dollars a year to Hawaii's economy.

Thanks Humpbacks!
If you guys aren't already, I highly recommend following Oriana Kalama​, and her facebook page, OCEAN DEFENDER - Hawaii​ to learn more about Hawaii's amazing range of sea life!

More video's coming soon!, and mahalo's for all your likes, shares, and comments! Love you Aloha Stoked fam!
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A Hui Hou! (till we meet again)

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  • theduke651 3 years ago

    Amazing.  Made me want to see more.  Well done, sir.

  • Millograms 3 years ago

    Incredible shots Kalani!

  • david welfare 3 years ago


  • Louiebelle Angus 3 years ago

    Wow you're really good at editing your videos! Its like you were born to make videos :O

  • Carlos Eduardo Silva 4 years ago

    That was simply beautiful.

  • Carlos Eduardo Silva 4 years ago

    That was simply beautiful.

  • William Travis 4 years ago

    National Geographic quality footage! Great job Kalani!

  • jylp4u 4 years ago

    You've got mad skillz bro! I'm really curious about the making of this video, but it's understandable if you don't care to share that.

  • Adam Kaminski 4 years ago

    You got some great footage of the whales, very nice.

  • Nithol 4 years ago

    Wow Kalani, I first got hooked on your videos because of (mainly your awesome charisma) and the beautiful scenery in your videos and how you captured them on your bike. And to now see what you're doing with this channel is just so friggin awesome...! Much love from Sweden <3 Vanishes

  • MrDuhfactor 4 years ago

    Daaaaang dude...... you weren't joking....... that is some serious epicness there.....I almost slobbered on my desk with my mouth hanging wide open in awe.....

  • Hark Meinrich 4 years ago

    Damn Kalani, the Sounddesign you mastered there is awesome! Really takes the Drone Footage to another level!

  • poppess90 4 years ago

    i get stunned every video of how beautiful maui is. I wish i lived there

  • cornwallbiker 4 years ago

    Amazing, whats the drone you have?

  • Homines Sumus 4 years ago

    These Videos are so awesome <3

  • brokenlegz 4 years ago

    I have no idea how you got the noises of the whales without the drones wind noise. But well done.

    Protect Ya Neck 4 years ago

    +brokenlegz Not sure if you're joking or.....

    SixToMidnight 4 years ago

    +Crocs Socks Why would he be joking?

    brokenlegz 4 years ago

    +Crocs Socks I'm not joking. I mean the singing noises might be added in after? But the blow hole noises sound pretty legit

  • gncc1race 4 years ago

    Wow! That was absolutely fabulous KP! I love the pali lookout, but I've never hiked down to the shore. It's absolutely gorgeous there. It reminds me of a whale watching spot in North Kohala, just north of Kawaihae with a bunch of dirt tracks makai of the highway that snake all over but go nowhere. I rode the KLX down there and stopped to watch the whales. It was breathtaking how close they were! Just incredible. But no comparison to your drone footage! That is beyond belief. Your work is top notch Brah, I'm sure you know. Very professional and polished. I appreciate your hard work man.

  • shopanonymous 4 years ago

    That was truly amazing. I love your drone work!

  • thekuruproject 4 years ago

    Kalani Prince this is your concious speaking, you must come to the UK to ride the motorcycle ;)

  • matt schweitzer 4 years ago

    ermagerd a verdio!!

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